Wix 3d Logo - Tutorial and tips

The Wix Logo Maker 3D version Project

If you were ever in the market to design a website by yourself, it's almost inevitable that you have yet to run into a Wix website builder. Wix website builder has been a great success over the years, and they keep improving with very nice features. They have also introduced the Wix Logo Maker solution for creating logos. The Wix logo maker does an excellent job of making amateur design enthusiasts create their logos. We wanted to create a 3d version of their logo to commemorate their success.

When we do a 3d project with a logo, we make sure the final result does not change the spirit or the design, for that matter. The 3D version of a logo should enhance the logo but not change it. So our initial approach was not to introduce new elements to Wix Logo Maker but to enhance it, give it a little more depth, bring it to life with vibrant colors, and light it interestingly to showcase the 3D aspect of the logo.


Creating the Wix 3d Logo model

All 2d logos can be extruded to create a 3D look, but that hardly looks exciting. There are many examples of this on the web, and 99% of these logos are not great looking. As you can see here, with our first stab at making Wix 3D Logo in 3D, the logo looks a bit flat. The logo does have depth, and some of the shadows create realism, but generally, the logo looks lifeless.


Giving more depth to the Wix 3D Logo model

To make the 3d logo model more exciting and catch more dramatic lighting, we brought the face of the logo a little forward. This is not a chiseled effect; this is a very subtle technique to bring any 3D model to life. Flat surfaces do not catch the light very well or create interesting shadows. By ballooning the face ever so slightly, the model gets more lively with highlights and shadows. This effect should not be taken lightly; too many curves will change the logo to look more cartoonish.


Coloring and lighting the 3D logo

When it comes to coloring and texturing a logo, it is crucial to keep in mind the message you are conveying. Every color or texture tells a different story, and we wanted to keep the surface clean and neutral. Yellow and black used to be the Wix original colors, but they have simplified it down to solid colors, so we wanted to respect that. We also wanted to texture the surface with a matt finish, but we wanted to give it a satin finish.


Adding Light to the Wix 3D Logo

Logo with one light

Here is how the 3D Model Logo when we added on light. The light brings out the nice highlights and shadows, of course at this point we are looking at the 3D logo from one camera angle and lighting

Logo with second light

In this picture the model is lite with a second light from behind to show the beautiful details and sharp edges of the Wix 3d logo. The logo comes to life when its lit from different angles, the beauty of the depth creates more realistic 3 dimensional feel. We have also experimented with different colors, we love the hot orange color and more dynamic angle of the logo.


Download Free Wix Logo Maker Wallpaper

We have also created a simple but beautiful wallpaper in purple for free to download for anyone who would like to use on their Monitor. Click Here to register to Download


If you are interested in seeing your logo in 3d please contact us.

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