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With the boom of Real Estate business over the past ten years, the demand for Real Estate logos has gone up considerably too. With different constructors techniques and up and coming modern architects, there are plenty of new styles to consider when it comes to finding the right logo for your company especially in a diverse market like real estate in Oregon or real estate in Mayfair. So we set out to fulfill the gaps in the market for different styles and practices.

We love Architecture Design and enjoy reinterpreting a modern design style to a logo; the idea is not to copy a building, its try to redraw the essence of the building and not get hung up on details where it's not actually possible to build that house. We design it as a logo and try to simplify it to the core of the building.

Here are some of our latest modern Real Estate Logos


Modern Real Estate project Logo

With a lot of modern building techniques, we have noticed a lot of colors applied to the designs too, so we designed sleek and colorful this logo to showcase colorful design. We think it works well with the simple lines.

Modern Home Real estate logo | Pixellogo


 Contemporary Linear Real Estate Logo

This home is designed in one continuous line, like an architect doodle on a napkin, the lines are clean and modern to emphasize the modern style of the architect's style. The green color line was chosen to appeal to eco-friendly construction techniques. We really like the simplicity and honesty of the design; there are no elements that do not need to be there.



3D Real Estate Logo Emblem

This logo was designed for a different upscale clientele; Although this logo does come 3D Format, this design can easily be transformed into a flat vector version. We think the logo works well in 3D. The red line in the shield can easily be changed to any color a customer wants a purchase of customization.



Modern Home Real Estate Logo

This Minimalist space is supposed to work as a general real estate logo; it can work for commercial or residential real estate brokers. We especially love the hot pink color in the design.



Commercial Real Estate Logo in Glass

We designed this Commercial Real Estate logo for Sleek modern highrise buildings in downtowns in any city. The logo is designed in an abstract fashion mimicking blue glass which we see in financial districts everywhere. The logo also incorporates stock chart in the logo going up.

Modern Commercial real estate logo | Pixellogo



Colorfull Real Estate Logo

This Colorful abstract home logo works well with an upscale suburban home broker. This logo works exceptionally well with Some brokers who combine selling and remodeling services together. 


Contemporary Real estate logo | Pixellogo



Modern Minimalist 3D Real Estate Logo

This Minimalist Letter A logo in 3D is designed to appeal to urban brokers selling high-end lofts spaces. The letter can be redesigned to other alphabets for an additional cost. 

Luxury homes Real estate logo | Pixellogo



Minimalist Home Real Estate Logo

This Logo was designed for beach house communities in Tropical areas. The clean, contemporary upscale architecture works well for Miami style real estate market.

Modern Real estate logo | Pixellogo



Modern Construction Real Estate Logo

This real estate home logo works well for large modern mountainous homes anywhere. The clean towering lines shows the home leaping over a mountain; it also showcases a home with panoramic views.


Minimalist Real estate logo | Pixellogo



Traditional Modern Real Estate Logo

This logo was designed to accommodate a specific type of clientele that prefers a classical building with modern loft styling in the interior. The Letter K with a key can be redesigned to some other letters of an alphabet; please ask our designers how your ideas can be incorporated. 

Golden Key Real estate logo | Pixellogo

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