F1 Logo VS 3M, Trademark Battle Looming

3M is preparing to blow away F1 New logo over similar designs.

Formula One organization launched its new logo design in November 2017 after the final race of the season, causing an uproar among f1 fans. The dust was barely settled; now there is another controversy brewing between 3M and F1.

Scotch tape manufacturer has filed a trademark application against the new F1 logo since the two designs are quite similar. The similarities are not too hard to notice to the naked eye. Both feature a slanted or skewed Fs a thin line separating the design to create an F. Apparently 3M filed a trademark in the US for their Futuro Logo on February, 20th 2017.

We think 3M have a good case; there is no escaping the similarities, the question is, how far are both parties are willing to go and battle it out. How much money and resource 3M is willing to allocate to this fight. We believe this battle will give both parties more exposure to their brand and they would stretch this fight as long as they can to get more publicity out of it.

Future Logo 3M

Formula 1 logo
What do you think? Who would you support in this fight?

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