How to Change Color on 3D Logos

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3D Logo Customization

Our 3D logos are provided in photoshop layer format but they are not designed in Photoshop. These logos are designed in a 3D modeling software like Maya Autodesk and saved as high-resolution Photoshop layer format. If you have purchased one of our 3D logos or have downloaded one to see whats included and how it works, you can see what can and cannot be done. You will be able to play around with color if you have access to a Photoshop Software.

We provide the logo in Layer format; if there is a color in the logo, the separate layer will make it easier to make a color change or change the text to your company name. Of course, you do need basic knowledge of how to make those changes, but you will see in our step by step tutorial that making changes is not too hard, but it helps a lot if you have some design background.

We also provide basic color and text Logo Customization for $29, (Click Here to see how to add Customization to your logo) we also do extensive design changes too, please contact us for a quote.

3D Logo Step by Step Customization Tutorial 

Step 1: Open the 3D logo file to see the layers. You can see the green leaf and other elements of the logo are all separated in Layers. Each Leaf is placed on a separate layer, to make a color change all you need to do is select the appropriate layer.

3D Logo File Layers


Step 2: from the top of the menu, select image, scroll down to adjustments and select Hue/saturation. There are many other ways to change color on a 3D logo, but we recommend this option.


Step 3: Once you have the Hue/Saturation window open and you are on the right layer you can do steps below to select your perfect color.

1. make sure to select the Colorize option 
2. Increase saturation or decrease to your liking
3. Move the Hue nob left to right to explore all colors.


Step 4: Changing the company name first select the type tool Photoshop Type Tool . Once you are in Type mode, simply click on the text below logo, select and change any part of the text. This works just like any type editing tool in any software. This is as simple as it gets. We provide the font that laid with the logo you purchase, you just need to install the font on your computer before using. Or you can use any other font from your computer.


Selecting and changing text on 3D logos | Pixellogo


3D logos are fun to play around with whether you are a beginner or professional designer, you are only limited by your imagination, we recommend downloading one of our free 3D logos and playing around with it to see what you can do. We have a big collection of 3D logo design, if you do not feel comfortable making the changes your self, buy a logo from our catalog with customization and have our designers create samples for you to approve.

To see how to change logo color in Illustrator please click here.

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