10 Cool Examples of Transparent Logo Designs

Transparency gives logos a special eye catching effect. In the past, transparency wasn’t as possible in logo design because multiple layers didn’t always print well due to the technology at the time. Thankfully this is no longer an issue, meaning that many logo designers are now able to use this distinctive technique in their designs. Here are some of our favorites.

  1. Castle Print

As an office printing company, Castle Print has a transparent logo that amply shows off their printing capabilities. We see colored circles overlapping each other. In print, this would showcase the clarity and color range of the printing.

  1. Modern Home logo by Pixellogo.com

Modern Home logo-2897

This Cool Modern architecture logo uses transparency to show glass wall and door solutions, this logo translates well for modern home decoration company with modern architecture look, the vibrant and fresh colors works really well for this logo design.

  1. Inspirus


For inspiration for colorful transparent logo designs, you need look no further than this trio of transparent designs from Inspirus.

Our favorite is the fiery Inspirus Catalyst design. Which of these three logos is yours?

  1. Glass Craft logo design

Since glass is transparent, it makes a lot of sense to use the transparent design effect for this company’s logo. The “Futura” font is aptly named – it is a very contemporary style.

  1. Double Vision logo design

I love this logo for Double – Vision Film Studios by J Garner! The visual effect is a great representation of seeing double.

  1. Sylion Logo design

The transparent effect is used beautifully in this lion’s blended blue mane.


  1. Peru Water Project logo design

Another exquisite transparent logo design by the talented Sean O’Grady, just like the Pangur Glass logo it is a perfect example of the brand lending itself neatly to the transparent logo design effect.

  1. Jousting logo design by Ilya Schapko

Russian logo designer Ilya Schapko used blend modes and transparency effects on Adobe Illustrator to create a series of colorful vibrant icons. This jousting knight logo is one of the most complex of the series and also one of our favorite.

  1. PayPal logo design by Yves Behar

The Pay Pal logo is perhaps the most well-known use of the transparent logo effect. “Show me the money” indeed! This logo was designed by Yves Behar, the founder and CEO of fusepoint. In a nod to the former Pay Pal logo, the words and the letters remain in the italic font. It is more legible than the previous Pay Pal logo, which was frequently mistaken for a parking sign!

  1. Aleksander Grkinic logo design

We have opted to save the best for last with this beautiful swan logo by Aleksander Grkinic. This Serbian designer created a truly wonderful logo for Creative Atelier. It is definitely not an ugly duckling!


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