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3D Logo makers

The best 3D logo makers are a professional 3D modelers creating each logo one at a time with what 2d logo can handle, yet there is a perception on the web that there is 3D logo software that automatically makes a flat logo into 3D and results are amazing. We don't want to be the bearer of this bad news, but there are no automatic 3d logo makers with great results. There is not one size fits all to all 2d design solutions, each design, each logo needs to be handled as a separate project and understand what the design can and can't handle, find the appropriate solution and start building a 3d model accordingly.

What is a 3D logo Maker?

The so-called 3D logo makers or generators are simple not even worth a second look. Besides the obvious issues of not having a human designer to asses the project, the quality of these generators are simply awful, we are sure in time the quality might get a little better, but the one size fits all idea will still not work. See the ROI logo Example designed by pixellogo

3D logo maker by designer

There are absolutely no 3D Logo Makers out there that will be able to take a flat outline artwork in black and white, automatically assess the best course of execution of the 3d model and create a 3d logo. That would be suitable as a form and artistically pleasing and let's not forget, find the most suitable texture and a lot harder than texture, the lighting of a complex 3D model such as this. Designs like this are done by designers by spending hours and hours of work, figure out all the complexities of the project and create a beautiful 3D logo such as the one you see above. Pixellogo.com have been doing this type of work for years for their catalog and clienteles in many different industries; you can see the experience in the quality of their work.

How to become a 3D logo Maker

Creating a 3D logo design with a 3D making software is not as simple either. It takes years of experience in 3D modeling and design, a good understanding of 3D environments, a background in sculpting helps quite a bit, good knowledge of photography and general graphic design knowledge are all important elements that needed to get a designer to start doing serious design projects.


What are design softwares for Making 3D logos

Here are some of the top 3D logo maker software, these are wonderful softwares to create with, the modeling, texturing and rendering capabilities are simply amazing. There is always a learning curve with 3d software but if you love making 3d designs, you might as well start with the best.

Maya 3D logo

3D Logo Making Softwares.

There are plenty of 3D design software and the good ones are cheap, We asked what pixellogo uses for their 3D logos and their recommendation was Maya from Autodesk. Maya has been around for a long time, and the software is as perfect as it can get, but every year they manage even more. Maya offers end to end creative design workflow, its one-stop shop for modeling, texturing, rendering animation and special effects.

Softimage was originally from Montreal is an amazing 3D modeling, rendering and animation software for all types of 3D project. If the Original Jurassic park scarred you senseless in 1993, you could thank Softimage and Steven Spielberg for that. They were responsible for the T rex animation.


3D Studio Max

3DS is a great software for creating realistic Characters, CG effects and film and TV quality content. There is absolutely nothing you can't build with 3DS, cool 3D environments and complex scenes and Animations; this is one of the most used 3D software in the Movie industry.

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