Beijing 2022 Olympic logo

Beijing 2022 logo Launch

Beijing 2020 winter Olympics and Paralympic logos has been released officially, at the National Aquatics Center also known as the Water Cube.

Lin Cunzhen is the designer, who has also designed the the emblem of the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games. She is the deputy dean of China Central Academy of Fine Arts Design School.

Beijing 2022 Olympic logo

The logo lines was inspired by the Chinese character or word for "winter", It looks like a skier going downhill which we think it captures the energy, speed and motion quite nicely. The blue ribbon like lines have a lot of going, you can also notice a mountains in its lines, Its in line with all other olympic logos, colors and the excitement feels very Olympic like.

Logically everything falls in line in this logo, the Chinese Calligraphy, the colors the movement and motion, it all makes sense at first, until after looking at it for a while it starts blending with all other olympic logos and starts loosing its identity, It lacks some originality as far as differentiating itself from all the other olympic logos. Some of the magic we expect from Olympic events is missing in the logo.

Here is The Beijing 2022 Paralympic logo, which is designed with the same style and energy as the Olympic Logo has the same issues as the original with additional legibility issue. The logo feels a bit too abstract to translate and define its purpose. The idea is showcase an Olympian in Wheelchair in action or competition. Of course if now one explains you the design, it would be quite hard to extract that information from the logo but once you see it, its hard not to un see it. It feels a bit too abstract to our taste, never the less, like most Olympic logos that start with controversy, it ends up growing on us after watching the winter games. 

Olympic logos are not the most important element that defines the olympic, its the spirit of the games, its the athletes and their competing spirit that gets us glued to our TVs. We have a feeling during and after the olympic these logos will grow on us and their impression and meaning will change in our minds and hearts.

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