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Skype Is an Instant messaging service software that provides online text messaging, video chat services. Skype was acquired by Microsoft in 2011 and was incorporated as a division of Microsoft.

Skype original logo was a word mark written in and knocked out of blue cloud graphic and widely recognized and liked. See attached logo below.

Skype old logo

As always, when a change is introduced to an existing things that people are used to and like, there would be a percentage of people that will be unhappy about it, complain warn to resist the product or service, forgetting that the reason that they liked and used that product or service had nothing to do with the logo to begin with. Most probably, they felt comfortable with that service and fear change is on the way when they see a logo change for example. The new Logo is attached below.

Skype new logo

We believe Microsoft went in the right direction with the new logo design, or more accurately  this was more of elimination of design rather than a new design. The blue cloud is still there, they have just eliminated or put the word mark outside the cloud. This move along with changing the Skype font to the same as Microsoft, ties Skype division to Microsoft product line and looks more cohesive with their other products and services, like Windows. It brings Skype to the Microsoft family by matching the type.



Here is Windows logo, which we think they still have not got it right.

There are all sorts of practical reasons for this move, if you are a designer, you can see in so many instances that this new logo would be a lot easier to work with, adapt to different spaces, animate and just all around more versatile.

First thing that comes to mind is the app icon, since Skype is used mainly on smartphones, the app icon would be so much bolder, well spaced and fitted into an app icon than the old logo. Icons or logos that are too tall or too wide will always run into layout issues and these problems create headaches in the long run with marketing staff. This new icon solves that problem nicely, just look below and imagine in that little icon, and imagine Skype the full word written with all the clouds into that small space, it will look a bit too crammed don't you think? These decisions and issues are not taken lightly by designers and marketing divisions. 

These concerns do not stop with apps, they continue with web design department, animation and even print division. Designers are always challenged with logo placement limitations and have to adapt their designs and find better more practical solutions for their clients.

The only thing thats stands out as a design faux pas right now is the 2 different fonts for S and Skype, this is not a major issue right now and people will accept for some time, until it starts standing out as not such of a smooth solution. We think in a few years when the logo starts looking dated, their next move will be to find or design a typeface that will be the same in the icon and the word mark.

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