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Mini has released a simplified version of their logo that was designed by KKBLD Berlin working alongside of Mini in house design team. The logo is basically simplified version of the logo that was being used since the relaunch in 2001, the 3d version was released after BMW purchase and re launch.  The idea is to go back to basics, back to its original line. The previous design used gradients and shadows to design the logo lines, and even though we think the previous logo looked great, to evolve from that logo to a modern look its not an easy step. Cleaning and defining the logo lines to black and white will give the company more versatility. The black and white logo would allow the logo work in all application and not limit them or create production issues.

The older version of the mini logo was looking a bit tired and needed a fresh sharper design. The black and white Mini logo will give the design team a string foundation to build on their already strong identity, we can already see this logo looking great on T-shirts and mini marketing materials. We can also see it used with different colors, which the old logo was limited with silver.

We also expect a newer 3D logo version being introduced for sure, the badge on the hood will not be flat venial or paint for that matter, we predict raised chrome for all the black sections and color of the car in the negative spaces of the logo. 

Mini car was introduce in 1959 by British Mortor corporation, and has been a sensation since then. It became an iconic car over the years by winning races and turning heads by its looks, its still a very popular car. Mini brand was launched and re introduced again by BMW.

The new models had a little chance of failure under the production qualities of BMW. The newer models are just as exciting and popular as the original. With all sorts of upgrades and new technological components, the new Mini cars just a pleasure to own and drive.

Every year a new model is being intruded it seems, besides the basic model, BMW have released a roadster version, Mini Hardtop, Mini Clubman, Mini Countryman and on and on. With all these new models, we believe the new logo will work great.

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