Subway New Logo Before and After

All Companies go though logo change every so often. There is no exact science to when a logo starts looking dated, but after years of usage and competition is constantly trying to outdo and outshine a company, time comes to refresh the company logo. Subway logo was not immune to change, so they have released a new fresh, cleaner design. Some people will love it and some will people hate it, but we doubt anyone will stop having their sandwiches just because they have a new logo. Change is part of life and everyone will accept it in time. This is their 6th time they have changed their logo in the past 50 year.

The logo change came after 2 years of lacklustre year their, revenue has been dwindling for few years in a row, even with they new introduction of their new line of sandwiches and healthier options.

Subway was established in 1965 under the original name of Pete's Super Submarines, and then remamed to Subway which is how we know them by now. The franchise has over 44000 locations in 112 countries, even bigger that mcdonald's which has around 36000 locations.

Subway old logo

We all remember this version of the logo, the thick bold dark outline with arrows on both end of the name. We think its over kill to have the arrows since the sandwiches do not move, we don't find it necessary to add arrows to a word that already no mystery to any of us. 

subway new logo

The New logo stands straight, no more italics, no motion, but the arrows are still there, if it didn't make sense to you back then, it still wont make any sense now. The type feels a bit space age and has a NASA look to it. We are not sure what that means exactly, maybe they like to communicate that their sandwiches are out of this world? who knows, but that's our impression of it.

The colors says Brazil to us, we are not sure where the color logic was in the first place, but being a fan of world cup and Brazil team does not make us wanna grab a sandwich, we are sure thats not the reasoning behind it either. Mustard and salad maybe?

subway S Symbol

The S Symbol they have created has some strong design elements to it. We believe this was the reason for the change of the logo. Subway old logo had a wordmark as logo, they did not have what McDonalds has, Arches as a symbol, they needed a strong icon to represent subway. Not a bad idea though, the S logo with a hidden s in the middle makes it an interesting design, its clever, the arrows thats part of the original design are not lost but have been put in a new an interesting way to create an arrow logo with an S.

We also believe Jared Fogle controversy and firing has something to do with it. Almost all corporations do major shakeup to change their image to say here is our new and improved us, this is our cleaner improved updated version of us. 

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