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Ever since the first version of Adobe Photoshop was released, designers have had a love and hate relationship with pixels. They represent the limitation of an digital artwork, the pixellated lines at the edge of any shape or image. Any photo image scanned in a computer or an artwork created in photoshop is limited by its resolutions and resolution is limited by pixels. To see them on your computer, magnify an image and you will start seeing them come alive. Pixels are basically how a software interpret an image, its broken down into millions of small square pixels to show all the details in an image.


Best Pixel logos 2023 - pixel globe


The advantage is, we can manipulate an image easily and create great surreal artwork with millions of pixels. In the heart of all this, digital art creation was the use of pixels. It was hard to ignore it, and it took no time for artists to start working with pixels instead of fighting it, they started integrating into their artwork. Making it bigger and bigger, to a point where they started inserting another image in one of this big box of pixels, which was made by millions of more pixels.  The word pixelation instead of becoming a dirty word, it started working in our artworks as a way to give a certain message. When we see a section on a photo purposely pixellated, we understand it differently now, blurring adult material or keeping something secret or express it as an artistic expression like a mosaic of some sort.

Pixel logos designs samples

To give our tribute to this beautiful digital industry we set out to design a series of pixel logo designs, these are targeted toward Digital Artists, media companies, printing companies, photo studios, digital studios, pixel pushers, like graphic designers and 3D studios and digital video producers.

Pixel logo design concept

This 3D Pixel logo design is created specifically for digital printing company which has become as ubiquitous as grocery stores. These Printing companies do not operate like traditional printing companies; these are high tech digital machines that produce high-quality prints, and the quality of the print is driven by image pixel resolution or pixel density.


Pixel logo design 3D

3D-272 Pixel Logo Design is designed with pixels to create a C and provided in photoshop layer format; large size is available at 10"x10" at 300dpi.


Pixels logo designer

This Sphere Pixel logo design shows a world made of pixels, the translucent colors and the way pixels are overtaking the whole white globe is a perfect symbol for today's worlds transformation into a new digital world. The best way to give this message was with pixels fading in a beautiful and a random pattern. 


Pixels logo box | Pixellogo

This digital box Pixel Logo Design is perfect for photo studio or digital software company. The yellow box bursting out the black box shows burst of pixel energy or creativity. 

3D Pixels logo design

This 3D Pixel Logo Design works well for the new app developer industry. Although Apps or software are no longer packaged in boxes and sold on shelves, the best way we found to convey this message is create 3D pixels flying out of the box. The 3D Metal box stands as the App developer company and the boxes flying out show the app being developed.

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