Exclusive logo or Non Exclusive logo, what's the Difference?

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Exclusive logo or Non Exclusive logo, whats the difference? We admit, if its your first time hearing this term, you are not sure what it means and thats ok, we will explain difference in detail.

What is an Exclusive logo?

The difference is rights, the right of ownership of the design, whether you fully own it instead of allowed to use it. When you purchase an Exclusive logo from Pixellogo, you fully own it and have the right to copyright it and do absolutely anything with it. These logos are priced much higher than a Non exclusive logo. Exclusive logos are prices start around $200 and up and marked exclusive on the Thumbnail as sown below.

Once an Exclusive logo is purchased, the design is removed from our catalog and never sold again, The customer has the right to copyright it and use it as they wish.

What is a Non Exclusive logo?

Non Exclusive logo which are priced around $29 are designs you can purchase from Pixellogo, allowed to use any way you wish, no restrictions at all, but you are not the sole user of that logo, Pixellogo keeps the ownership of the logo and full rights and give your permission to use it. What you cant do with the logo is resell it as an exclusive logo, copyright or trademark it, because we have already done so, and the logo is sold to other entities as well.

Which one is right for my business?

If you are a startup company and have a limited budget or if you want to test a business  idea, and don't have a big budget, before spending lots of money, you can start with a Non exclusive logo. Some design agencies use it as a graphic for a project and we even have had a TV show on HBO use one of our Non Exclusive logos as a fictitious company on one of their series. We have had several movie production companies interested in our logos, some prefer to purchase Exclusive logo with full rights and sometimes a non exclusive logo.

The question is not only your budget but what you feel comfortable with. If you have an existing business and would like a new logo for your company, we suggest an exclusive logo, this way you have full rights.

What if you don't find that perfect exclusive logo? We have several options in place for situations like these. If you have found an exclusive logo but its not a perfect fit, it needs some alterations to getting it there, we do offer additional customization service, we can do almost anything with our logos. You can give us a call, explain your ideas and we make our recommendations and give you a quote.

If you find a concept of a logo in our non exclusive section and like to have an exclusive version of the logo, we can do 2 things, we check if the logo has been sold before or not, and if it's not sold to anyone else, we give you the option to buy it Exclusively, but with a new price. If you approve the new Exclusive price, you can purchase full rights to it. 

If the Non exclusive logo has been sold before, sometimes we can create another version of the same concept but different enough to qualify as a different logo, not just color or text, we rework the design and make sure its different enough to qualify as an exclusive logo. This of course changes the price too. 

We are always available if you like to discuss your project with us, ask your questions and express your concern, brainstorm your ideas with us.

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