Update and Modernize your Logo design

Here is a step by step study and tips on how to modernize, update and freshen up your logo and make it 3D (optional).

All logos get outdated, type, colors, design lines change all the time and if your company always trying to keep up with times with their technology, process, machinery, even philosophy, that means the image of the company has to reflect and give the right message, just look at the Apple logo Evolution throughout the years, can you imagine their first logo on any of your apple devices? The simple answer is, hell no!

Almost any company you know has changed or adjusted their logos, even Coca cola, you can see throughout the years they have adjusted their design lines. 


So we set out to take one of our old logos and redesign, upgrade and create a sexy new 3D look to showcase what we can do with an older outdated logo.

Kinetic logo was designed and released in 2011, while some people are happy to see it the way it is, we think it could look much better. We think the colors look a bit dull for a word like kinetic. If the logo works for fast paced company services or solutions, the dark blue feels a bit stationary and the grey, even though it complements the blue, its not doing enough. Although to greys credit, it will look great when its printed in silver.

Also the font could use some serious help, it needs to show speed, look more high tech and maybe a little layout adjustment.

So we set out to make some sketches to explore how dynamic the logo can get, its always easier to solve a design problems, on paper than on the computer, no matter how good you are with the mouse, sketching with pencil gives designers so much more freedom. That is good tip to all the young and up and coming designers.

kinetic logo sketch

Once we had a design sketch we were excited about, we traced the logo in vector format in the computer. After the logo was digitized, we went into details and perfected and scrutinized every detail to make sure it looks perfect.

Here is the logo in Black and white, in its final clean form, we think it looks pretty sharp.

We have also explored quite a few font options and finally settled on Brink. This font is clean modern and a little futuristic, we think its suitable for a technology company.

after we had our solid design, we started having fun with colors, these color ideas and are just some fun options. by using dark and lighter shades of gradients, we explored and gave the logo some depth, although this is not true 3D, its gives the logo exciting color and depth options. 

kinetic logo colors

And finally, we created a 3d version, attached below, yes we know, the 3d version looks much more exciting than a flat logo, thats not always true though, some logos work great in 3D and some don't, we have worked enough on 3d projects to know if its a good investment to get a 3D version of the logo and we always advise our clients before hand.

To buy this logo for $29 click here:

kinetic 3d logo



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