10 Cool and Creative Global Logos by Pixellogo

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A logo is a very powerful and prominent symbol. The logo that a company decides to use for its business is very important, as its logo appears everywhere. A company’s logo will be used on all of its printed media (business cards, stationery and posters), in its signage, and on its website. It will be the image that is used to represent the business and all that it symbolizes to its growing customer base.

Here is a video tutorial on how to manipulate Pixellogo 3D logos.

For many international corporate companies, a globe is the most common and logical choice as a symbol to use in their logo design. A globe is a very poignant image that is often used to represent the global presence and the global vision of international companies. Used in a logo, a globe image resonates very strongly within us all as an image of power, strength, reliability and world domination.

Are you interested in using global imagery in the next logo for your business? If you are, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 cool and creative global logos created by Pixellogo. These logos are all sleek, stylish and very affordable choices for your growing business.

Global Communications Logo (3d-478)
This 3D global logo is very attractive and it is a wonderful logo for any expanding corporate company. The 3D globe in the logo is professional, crisp and clear. I love the blue band that surrounds the globe as it represents innovation, reliability and confidence.

Global Software Logo (3d-474)
This logo is the perfect logo for a company involved in global communications, global transportation or the development of computer software. The lines used to surround the globe in this logo give the logo depth and perspective. They also represent movement, expansion and a unified company. The blue used in this logo represents security, intelligence and dependability.

Global Technology Logo (3d-835)
This stunning 3D logo is the ideal logo for a growing technology company. The angular lines used to surround the globe in this logo represent strength, security and reliability. Blue is a common color used in technology logos and it stands for loyalty, innovation and confidence.

Global Security 3D logo
Corporate Global Logo (3d-596)

I love this logo design. It is a marvelous logo that can be used by global businesses in many different sectors. This logo is sleek, stylish and elegant. The stunning metallic lines that wrap around a blue crystal ball are fantastic and this logo can be used as a logo for a consulting company, communications company, or a company involved in the sciences or security.

Globe logo
International Global Logo (3d-421)
This logo is bold, contemporary and elegant. It exudes the qualities of professionalism, reliability and innovation. This global logo is perfect for a North American company that once primarily focused on the North American market but that is now expanding throughout the world.

Atlas logo
Global Communications Logo (3d-347)
This 3d global logo design is different from many of the other global logos used on the market today. If you are looking for something for unique for your business, this logo is a fantastic choice. This logo symbolizes infinite expansion, information sharing and the worldwide scope of a business.

Global Gaming Logo (3d-271)
This logo design is also very unique compared to most of the other global logos seen on the market today. I think that it is absolutely stunning how the outer grey puzzle pieces are seemingly being blown off the ever-expanding inner blue globe. This 3d global logo is very contemporary and bold. It is a smart logo for a gaming, electronics or technology business.

Global Consulting Logo (3d-250)
Not only is this logo attractive, but also it is vibrant, eye-catching and cool. Ideal for a today’s innovative world, this logo can be used as a transport logo, communication logo, consulting logo, travel logo, finance logo and so much more.

Global Network Logo (3d-234)
This logo uses flowing lines in a global pattern to symbolize movement, innovation and technology. This logo can be used by any business involved in innovations throughout the world including those in either the technology or medical sectors.

Global Telecommunications Logo (3d-169)
This vibrant 3d global logo is fresh and cool in its simplicity. I love how the lines that surround the globe look like fingers extending around the globe to represent movement and expansion. Orange is also a great color for a logo as it means affordability, creativity, and enthusiasm.

Global Communication 3D Logo

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