10 Sleek and Stylish Pixel Logos

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We live in a computer age where technology seems to rein and it permeates every aspect of our lives. Because of this, the image of a pixel has become very familiar to us all and it is an image that has now become heavily associated with technology, innovation and the digital age in which we live.

Here are 10 cool and stylish pixel logos that have been created by Pixellogo.com. If you are looking for a new logo that is modern, bold and edgy, these logos could be the perfect choice for your business.

Digital Printing Logo (3d-898)
I love this pixel logo. I think that this logo is very modern, sleek and professional and it is the perfect logo for any business that is involved in digital printing. I love the blue, purple and pink color scheme that is eye-catching and attractive.

Pixilated Box Logo (3d-877)
This pixilated box logo is contemporary, stunning and sophisticated. It is a great logo that can be used by a wide variety of businesses with a wide range of expertise. For example, it can be used as a logo in the music industry or the technology industry as well as a logo in the media or design sectors.  

Digital Printers Logo (logo-2737)
This logo is bright, vibrant and attractive. It is the ideal logo for a digital printing company as it represents innovation, creativity and productivity.

Technology Logo (logo-2299)
This logo uses both arrows and pixels to represent innovation, technology and forward thinking practices. This logo can be used as a logo for an assortment of different businesses including communication businesses, printing businesses, software businesses and even, marketing companies.

Design Box Logo (logo-2229)
I love this logo because it is both professional and modern while it is also fun. Perfect for a gaming company, this pixel logo would also make a great logo for printers, designers and even a movie production company.

Pixilated Investment Logo (logo-2223)
This logo is one of my favorite pixel logos created by Pixellogo. I like how it uses the idea of modern pixels yet it is able to transform that idea into a very classic and professional design. I feel like this logo conveys the ideas of confidence, reliability and dependability. I would easily trust a business that had this logo to manage my money.

Digital Pixel Logo (logo-2169)
I love how this logo uses pixels to relay a global image. I think that this logo is edgy, bold and stylish. This logo is a premium logo for a digital company that is involved in the world market.

Media Logo (logo-1794)
This logo is very attractive, eye-catching and unique. It is simple yet very stylish and vibrant. This logo can be used by an assortment of businesses, ranging from a media or technology logo to a children’s logo or a logo for a community organization.

Color Printing Logo (logo-1623)
This dignified pixel logo is fashionable, timeless and admirable. It is the ultimate logo for a digital or color printing business, as it is attractive, radiant and enduring.

Interactive Solutions Logo (logo-719)
This circular logo combines pixels, arrows and cogs into a very interesting logo design. Because of this, this logo is a very multifaceted logo that can be used by many different companies. For example, this logo can be used by construction companies, communications companies, software companies and interactive companies. The green used in this logo represents harmony, wealth and fresh ideas.

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