The 10 Best 3D Logos of All-Time

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Logos have evolved so much over the past decades that it is absolutely amazing. I am astounded how much logos have changed and now, they are so thrilling that I am always excited to see when a new company releases a new logo design. These days, there is a big movement towards 3D logos, which has brought a whole new dimension to logo design. 3D logos have become the new trend and they are a great way to make your company’s logo hip and attractive.

Here are my picks for the 10 best 3D logos on the market today:

1. Apple
Apple is probably the most prolific company right now in the world. Everyone I know has an Apple device and I mean everyone. Whether it’s an iPad, an iPhone, an iPod or a MAC computer, all of my friends have at least one Apple product. Crazy, eh? One of the things that has made Apple so successful is their sleek and stylish designs along with the ease and usability of their products. The Apple logo is another perfect example of Apple’s sexy and attractive design. I absolutely love the way that Apple has managed to change their already simple and effective logo into something even more impressive.

Apple 3D logo Apple 3D logo

2. AT&T
AT&T released this new 3D logo in 2005. It isn’t a new logo altogether as they didn’t want to alienate their long-standing clients. What they did instead is that they took their old, recognizable logo and converted it into a 3D design. I love it!!! I think that their new 3D logo is fresh and exciting. I think that it accurately represent the qualities of innovation and reliability that AT&T prides itself on.

AT&T 3D logo AT&T 3D logo

3. Xbox
I love the Xbox 3D logo. I think that it is the perfect logo for a gaming company. I love the colors that they use in their logo and I love how simple yet edgy it is. The Xbox logo is vibrant, sophisticated and premium 3D logo design.

Xbox 3D logo Xbox 3D logo

4. Super Bowl Logo
The Super Bowl XLV logo is a wonderful 3D logo. I like how metallic and sleek it looks. This logo is a little complex for my liking but it does work really well. It is a very original logo that is powerful, bold and modern.

Super Bowl XLV 3D logo Super Bowl XLV 3D logo

5. Sony Ericsson
The Sony Ericsson logo is supposed to be a morphing of the ‘s’ and the ‘e’ from the company name. I like the logo however, I can really only see the ‘e’ which I think is funny. I do think that this logo is a good representation of the company’s philosophy as it is futuristic, organic and flexible.

Sony Ericsson 3D logo Sony Ericsson 3D logo

6. Superman Logo
I love the new 3D adaptation that has been made to the Superman logo. This new 3D logo looks very modern and up-to-date. I love that they still keep with the reds and yellows of the original superman logo except now, they are more muted and subtle. Great logo.

Superman 3D logo Superman 3D logo

7. Universal Pictures Logo
Universal Pictures is another very prolific logo. Who doesn’t remember the Universal Pictures logo sliding across the movie screen or TV set? This new 3D version of the classic Universal Pictures Logo was released in celebration of their 100th anniversary and it is breathtaking, memorable and elegant.

Universal Pictures logo Universal Pictures logo

8. Autodesk Maya logo
I like this new 3D logo for Autodesk Maya. It is fashionable, mysterious and edgy. It is a great logo for cutting edge software.

Autodesk Maya 3D Logo Autodesk Maya 3D Logo

9. Firefox
I have always loved the Firefox logo since I started using Firefox as my browser of choice many years ago. I love how playful it is yet it still gives me confidence and reassurance in their product. Nicely done!

Firefox 3D logo Firefox 3D logo

10. UPS
Like AT&T, the 3D UPS logo is very similar to their original 2D logo except it has just been amped up. I have always liked the simplicity of the UPS logo and this also holds true with their 3D logo. The golden hue of the letters matches perfectly with the shield to yield a logo that is a symbol of reliability and dependability.

UPS 3D logo UPS 3D logo

Sarah Williams

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