10 Sexy and Affordable Printing Company Logos

Are you in the printing business? Are you having a tough time making your company stick out from all of the competition? Maybe it’s time for you to get a new logo. A logo is the brand identity for a company and it is one of the pivotal elements of every company. However, not all logos attract customers. As a printing business, it is important that your logo is colorful, eye-catching and memorable. Here are 10 Sexy and Affordable Printing Company Logos that are sure to amaze and entice your clients. Maybe it is time for you to try something new?

Newtone Printing Logo (logo-2097)
This bold and impressive logo design was created by Pixellogo. It is a very modern printing logo that is clean, refined and sharp. I love the boldness of the blues used as it draws your eyes into the logo only to discover a rainbow of colors. What a great design!

Butterfly Printing Logo (logo-2682)
This butterfly-inspired printing logo design is fun, light and energetic. Butterflies symbolize transformation and therefore this would be a great logo for an established printing company that is trying to revamp its image. A butterfly is also great symbol to use in a logo for a printing company because it is colorful and ornate.

Printing and Paint Logo (logo-2382)
This logo is a fitting logo for both a printing company as well as a company that is involved in the painting business.  I love how simplistic it is yet so very eye-catching. The colorful brush strokes speak volumes and this logo would look great printed on all of your company’s t-shirts, hats, brochures, etc.

ColorPlus Printing Logo (logo-2325)
This logo offers another take on a butterfly logo design. More abstract than the butterfly logo shown above, this logo is a dazzling logo for a printing company. This logo is pragmatic, clever and dynamic.

Synergy Printing and Marketing Logo (logo-1870)
I love this logo design. I think that it is very attractive and that it is the perfect logo for a printing company. It is a fabulous logo design that is abstract, energetic and sassy. Your company will no longer be passed over with this logo. It is a logo design that is sure to catch your customer’s eye.

PrintWorks Printing Logo (logo-2727)
Look closely and you will see that this logo is a very smart logo design.  The logo is bent and shaped in the style of a ‘p’ while colorful cogs are used to symbolize innovation and forward progress. This logo is an exceptional logo for a digital printing company.

3D Printing Globe Logo (3D-874)
This is one of the two 3D logos that I have mentioned here in this list of 10 Sexy and Affordable Printing Logos. This global logo is the perfect logo for a large printing company that has plans of expansion or that already has several locations. The pixels seen in the logo represent the new possibilities available to us in the digital age of printing.

3D Printing Logo (3D-487)
This stylish 3D logo is very modern and contemporary. The colors of the logo are very eye-catching and the symbol used in this logo is very noteworthy. I love how the shape symbolizes the union of colors as they surround and center on one focal point.

Printing and Painting Logo (logo-2718)
This logo is another example of a logo design that can be used as either a printing logo or a painting logo. I love the ink spots used in this logo as well as the dripping paint.

Digital Printing Logo (logo-2737)
This logo is the ideal logo for a digital printing company. This logo is intelligent, refined and classy. I love the use of pixels to represent the digital age and this logo conveys that idea very well.

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