10 Free Psd Mockups for Showcasing Logos & Websites


Presentation is everything when it comes to showcasing your work. Whether you are showing off a new logo to a client or whether you are adding your latest works to your portfolio, how you present your work could make all the difference. When you are finished designing a logo for a client for example, do you really want your client to see his/her awesome new logo simply printed out on a piece of paper? Wouldn’t it be way better if you could actually show your client how his/her new logo will look featured on your client’s website or on an iPhone? Real-life mockups help your clients to see their new logo designs where they will actually be used. Realistic Photoshop mockups really are the best. Trust me. They allow your client to see his new design in the best lighting, in real life situations and looking fantastic. So what are you waiting for?

How do I add my designs to a PSD Mockup?
Photoshop Mockups are really easy to use. Simply double-click on the Photoshop Smart Objects thumbnail in the PSD Mockup file that you download. A .psb file will open up. Edit the .psb file by placing your designs in the file. Save and close the .psb file. Now, go back to the original PSD Mockup file that you downloaded and you will see that your designs are now in the mock layout. Try it. It really is that easy.

Here are 10 free PSD Mockups that you can download and use to exhibit your work on realistic devices:

Free PSD Mockup by Allan Ingwersen

Free PSD Mockup

Free PSD Mockups Vol. 2 by Allan Ingwersen

Free PSD mockups

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Free Premium PSD Mockups

premium psd mockups

Free PSD Digital Devices Mockups To Present UI Designs

Free PSD Mockups for Digital Devices

Free iPhone 6 PSD Mockups

iphone 6 mockup


Best 2014 Phone Mockups

phone psd mockups

Free iPhone 6 PSD Mockups

iphone-6 psd mockup

Free Premium iPhone PSD Mockups

iphone mockups

Free PSD Mockup of an iPad in a Business Environment

ipad mockup



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