The 10 Best Sports Logos of All-Time

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Logos in sports are very important. Perhaps more than you think, a team’s logo holds a lot of power as it is the one aspect of a sports team that stays constant year after year and generation after generation. Players may change, coaches my age but a team’s logo will always be there. Printed on all of the fan paraphernalia, a sports team’s logo is what keeps its fans connected to its team generation after generation.

To illustrate my point, here are the 10 Best Sports Logos of All-Time.

Montreal canadiens logo

Montreal Canadiens

The Habs logo is one of the longest standing sports logos. It has been worn by the players and its fans for over 95 years. Isn’t that amazing! The ‘C’ stands for Canadien and the ‘H’ stands for hockey.

NY Yankes logo

New York Yankees

I think everyone knows and loves this logo design.  Worn by Jay-Z and loved by all, the intertwining ‘N’ and ‘Y’ have come to symbolize everything New York.

Chicago Bulls logo

Chicago Bulls

Graphic designer Theodore W. Drake created this logo for the Bulls in 1966. The combination of red, black and white used in this logo really help to hammer home the teams passion, strength and dominance in the NBA for the past 50 years.

Hartford Whalers logo

Hartford Whalers

This logo is a perfect example of a logo masterpiece. Can you see it? Do you see the hidden ‘H’? Not only has this logo been used to represent this team for decades but it is also a brilliant example of outstanding graphic design. The whale’s tail and the ‘W’ are skillfully wielded into an ‘H’, which is hidden in the logo’s negative space.

Portland Trailblazers logo

Portland Trailblazers

This is a modern sports logo that was actually conceived and created in the 70s. The idea behind the logo is that it is two teams of five facing off in play. It is one of the most conceptual sports logos out there and it is fantastic.

STLouis Blues logo

St. Louis Blues

Simple in design, this logo represents two characteristics that the city of St. Louis is known for: music and action.

milwaukee brewers logo

Milwaukee Brewers

This is another sports logo that demonstrates how awesome graphic design can be. By combining the ‘M’ and ‘B’ of the teams name into a baseball glove, this logo packs a huge punch and is easily memorable.

NY Mets logo

New York Mets

This sports logo really tries to bring all New Yorkers together as the skyline used in the logo features many notable buildings throughout New York including the Williamsburg Savings Bank, the Woolworth Building, the Empire State Building, and the United Nations Building.

Detroit Red Wings logo

Detroit Red Wings

This winged wheel logo is the perfect logo representation for a sports team that is based in what was once the automobile capital of America.

Oakland Raiders logo

Oakland Raiders

This strong sports logo works really well to represent this team, which has long been considered the outlaws of the NFL. A pirate wearing a football helmet sporting the teams black and silver color scheme has been proudly adorned by Oakland fans for decades.

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