14 Amazing & Inspiring Monogram Logo Designs

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A monogram is an artistic combination of two or more letters in such a way that they yield an interesting, stylish and original logo design. Typically, a monogram combines the initials of a company or an individual to create a recognizable and memorable symbol. Sometimes, the combination of letters in a monogram is easy to distinguish while at other times, the symbol created is so interesting that the letters stay masked and hidden within the logo design.

Monograms have been used for centuries by many different individuals and brands throughout the world. In this past century, the design industry has taken a particular liking to monograms because of the ease with which they can be used to portray a brand or individual’s unique style and personality. Monograms are used by many businesses in many different industries. The fashion industry and individual designers from all types of disciplines tend to favor monogram designs while many large corporate companies use them as well.

I love monogram logos and I particularly appreciate how much time and effort was exhausted in designing each one. Below is a collection of 14 Amazing & Inspiring Monogram Logo Designs that I found on the Internet. I hope that you enjoy them and that they inspire you to use a monogram in your next logo design.

JMC monogram logo JMC monogram logo

Found among some of the fabulous work showcased on Behance. I love this monogram design. I think that it is awesome!

AB Monogram logo design AB Monogram logo design

This is just one of the wonderful monogram logo designs created by André Beato.

Louis Vutton logo mongram Louis Vutton logo mongram

Louis Vutton
No monogram logo design list would be complete without a world-famous fashion monogram logo. Louis Vutton is one of the most recognizable monogram fashion logos in the world today. Excellent logo design!

SF monogram logo SF monogram logo

This one is a hard to see but for that reason, I like it. Clever monogram logo that yields a fantastic and intriguing symbol. I could easily see this monogram logo used as a clothing brand.

NM logo design NM logo design

This clever and fluid monogram logo design is very versatile. This is a great logo for a media company or anyone in the music business. I think that this logo would also make a great logo for a yoga studio.


abc studio monogram abc studio monogram

ABC Studio
This is a modern, edgy and urban monogram logo design.

V&A logo monogram V&A logo monogram

The Victoria and Albert Museum in the UK uses a monogram logo to represent their very reputable institute of art and design.

SW monogram logo SW monogram logo

This is a simple and yet very effective monogram design.

KK logo design KK logo design

I saw this monogram logo on the Ultralinx blog. It is a very trendy and hip logo design.

Sassy monogram logo Sassy monogram logo

This terrific logo design is sassy indeed. This stylish and thrilling logo can be used for a bar, club or clothing line.

JPN logo JPN logo

This awesome logo was created by a student at the College of Visual Arts & Design in North Texas. Great work!

HR monogram logo HR monogram logo

This logo is also from the Ultralinx blog. I like how this is a simple monogram logo created with a very unique typeface. It reminds me a lot of tattoo lettering and design.

HC logo design HC logo design

Great use of negative space to create this monogram logo design.

DQM monogram DQM monogram

Monogram logos continue to be used throughout the ages and adapting to every new trend in logo design, monogram logos have stood the test of time. Would you use a monogram logo for your company? If you are looking for more excellent logo design options, click here now.

Sarah Williams

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