10 Eye-Catching Abstract Logos for next Logo Design

Choosing a new logo for your business can be very fun and exciting. A new logo can represent a fresh start and it is a time when many opportunities are waiting for you around the corner. There are hundreds of possibilities out there to choose from and your new logo can be fun, playful, smart, pragmatic or something completely different and unique.

Abstract art has become a very popular art form in the past few decades and this trend has also had much influence over the logo design industry. Today, abstract logos are hip, creative, smart and attractive. Many companies now want these contemporary and clever abstract logos to represent their businesses. Abstract logos have become extremely popular because they are very special and different than the logos that we have seen used in times past. Mostly, these logos are eye-catching and very clever adding more dimensions to your traditional logo design.

Here are 10 Eye-Catching Abstract Logos that can be used for your next logo design. Use these logos for your business or as inspiration for your next logo design.

DataCube - 3D-341
This contemporary and attractive logo is very futuristic and awe-inspiring. Great for any businesses involved in modern technologies, this logo is one that your customers will remember.

Consulting – 3D-482
This abstract logo is very vibrant, colorful and modern. When I look at this logo, I think of a consulting company that is going to move my business forward, one step at a time, until my business achieves the success it deserves.

Pixelbox – Logo-2229
This is one of my favorite abstract logo designs by Pixellogo. I love the use of a black box that is bursting with color. This logo is very diverse and can be used by many different types of companies including those in media, computers or the gaming industry.

Velocity – Logo-2187
This logo is a very energetic and dynamic logo design. This logo will look great printed on all of your promotional materials including your business cards, letterheads, t-shirts and more.

Sierra 3D-784
I think that this is a 3D abstract logo at its finest. Subtle and hidden, this is the perfect logo for any company that wants a unique look for its ‘S’ initial.

Organica – 3D-423
I love this abstract logo design. It is both fluid and organic. This logo really has a sense of intrigue to it that draws in the viewer.

Fusion – Logo-2197
This abstract logo is confident, timeless and the ultimate logo for any technology or science-based company. Epic and cool, this logo is bound to turn heads.

New Vison – 3D-745
I love this logo design. I think that it is a perfect example of an abstract logo that is both enticing and thrilling.   

C4 Design – Logo-951
This logo is a non exclusive logo design created by Pixellogo. It is a marvelous abstract logo design, unique and explosive. This C4 logo is a great logo for any multimedia company.

Velocity – 3D-757
I like how natural and liquid this logo feels. This logo tunrs a normal ‘V’ into something abstract, trendy and lively.


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