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Google Glass may be the next big tech invention to hit the market. Completely unique and amazing, Google Glass is bringing technology to our eye wear and it is changing the way that we look at the world.

Have you heard of Google Glass yet? Google Glass is a new wearable technology that has expanded on all of the current capabilities of your smart phone. Sitting just above your right eye, hundreds of features and information is available to you simply with a glance of your eye. Loaded with a camera, microphone, Wifi and GPS, these new tech glasses can do tons of cool stuff. It is voice activated and you use your voice to help you navigate through this brave new world. Toted as the next big must-have for techies, these glasses let you explore your world in a whole new way. Use them as you run or bike to keep track of your distances, your performance and to help you set new records. Use them in your daily life to take photos, communicate and share your world with all of those that you care about. Use them to record video, to discover new recipes, to hear the latest news and to listen to music. So much is now available at the blink of an eye that you will be blown-away and astounded by the massive potential of this great new invention.

Bike with Google Glass Bike with Google Glass

Google's Project Glass was announced in 2012 and Google has been continually developing this new technology over the past two years. Still very much in its infancy, many of us simply can’t resist the urge and desperately want one. When it was first released, Google Glass was only available to a few invited individuals. Recently however, Google has opened up the sale of Google Glass to the US market making this exceptional product now available to anyone with the desire and the dollars. While supplies last, you can have your very own pair of Google Glasses for a whopping $1,500.

Golfing is more fun with Google Glass Golfing is more fun with Google Glass

Now, before you go zipping along to the Google Glass website, you might want to keep in mind that this outstanding new invention is still in Beta phase. If you can resist the temptation and you absolutely must have one, by all means, sign up as a Google Explorer and give it a whirl. If you have a little more restraint, I would suggest that you hang on a little while longer and wait for Google to release the next model of this stellar invention. Google Glass is expected to come out of Beta testing at some point this year, at which point it should also become available for purchase worldwide.

When Google Glass was first launched in 2012, it was only available in one style that did not include lenses. Google Glass has now released a wide range of prescriptions frames and even sunglasses. Just imagine if you wait just a little bit longer how much more this amazing invention will be able to do.

Google Glass Sunglasses Google Glass Sunglasses

For more information about this new tech gadget, visit the Google Glass website. All of the photos included in this article were taken from the Google Glass website. If you aren’t interested in Google Glass but you do need a new logo for your company, please click here.

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