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After Microsoft came out with flat design idea, the design industry has flooded with flat designs. Logos has changed significantly due to new anticipations. Even Apple who had used to put meaning on 'Skeumorphism', did also get on the wave of flat designs. Although is this called the 'flat design' era, 3d logos still has their value, certain perspective and customers. 

3d logos gives us an extra margin, an extra angle to crave the meaning we want to focus. A simple 3d touch could bring the best manifestation of the logo or what it stands for. And of course standing tall with the proper meaning is what logo does. Extra 3d depth makes the 3d logos strong and glossy coverage stands for the class. Famous brands like Microsoft, BMW, Nestle, Mozilla and Sony Ericsson used 3d type logos. Although Microsoft and Nestle invented their flat style logos recently. A great 3d logo design require the presence of skill, creative idea and perfect execution. Anything could bring out the half chance meaning of the logo, but a truly mastered 3d logo will contain all of the stuffs. 

Typography is now an important essence when it comes to logo design. In 3d logo designing, typography itself could be the part of logo symbol. May be an alphabet could stand alone in 3d style to include the implication. Simplicity is the key- even the 3d logos need to be simple to be well recognized and memorable. It's making even more difficult than flat style logos. A well-designed 3d logo should be enduring, and this can be achieved by ignoring the latest design tricks and gimmicks. No matter what design trend or era is going to rule, a well constructed logo will always stand tall whatsoever. Perfect visualization idea and faultless execution is the main to make a memorable logo for any period.

Here are some of the 3d logos that are available in our website. Each of them has been created with aptitude and professional look. Strong meaning and well memorable, as for example the blue core one has blue shaded core while having metallic body outside. Which symbolized both strength and meaning all in all. Before selecting a 3d logo, you need to understand the purpose of your brand. Logo has to be unique to correspond to what your company or brand underline every day. Three dimensional logo designs are hard to construct comparing to flat designs. But these logos are extremely professional looking and elegant due to their eye-catching looks. 3d logos usually contains realistic lighting and reflections, which makes a huge difference than flat logo designs. Flat designs are easy, but three dimensional logo designs are much more harder to master. Once 3d is involved, it's reliant on more factors. It's about the lighting, shadows, highlights, perspectives, textures, camera placement. Tons of things to consider to make it just the thing. 

We have many three dimensional logos available in our website for you. Each one of them constructed with guidelines, brand strategy and precision. Feel free to select the best one for you!

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