5 Useful Logo Design Tips

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A well designed logo can help catch the eye of customers and keep your business in their memory for future years to come. A catchy logo becomes a symbol that customers display proudly on their car or laptop, thus spreading your company’s brand beyond its original customer base. Therefore, it is critical to have a well thought out logo. There are many techniques that can go into creating a catchy design. Today I will review 5 techniques to consider discussing with your designer that can add depth to a logo.

  1. Utilize Negative Space or Whitespace 

This type of technique in logo design can really pop an image out from the page. By using alternative colors in a graphic picture it brings out the dual imagery. It allows you to incorporate more than one meaning in a logo design. This technique has become very popular lately and is able to give a lot of creativity to a logo.


  1. Utilize an original concept or picture

This technique is very important as this is the type of thing that helps your brand image stick. Think Apple, all you have to do is see an apple and you know what company it is. Take a look at your competition and try to think about something that stands out from what the other businesses have. Come up with many ideas until you find the one that you feel fits your business and has a bit of originality to it. Talk with your designer and discuss the look and idea you want for your business. Try to give your designer the concept you want visualized.


  1. Color choice is important

When thinking about your brand and image you want to think about what you want to portray with your image. Color will help send the message of your brand. Different colors send different feelings. For example; White is simple and clean, Blue is Medical and trustworthy, Yellow is optimistic. The color sends a message. Your designer will have some good ideas of what color will work well, but it is helpful for you to think about what you want your image to portray and to share this with your logo designer.


  1. Keep it simple and powerful


You want your logo to be easily recognized and to stand out. For example, when you see an Adidas logo or Nike you know exactly what kind of company it is and the type of products it sells. The same goes for the Apple logo. You know exactly what it stands for, sleek, technology that is well designed. The simple yet powerful logo design leaves its mark and a lasting impression on customers. So don’t be disappointed if your designer doesn't give you something overly intricate, simple is better!


  1. Utilize Custom Lettering

You want to create a custom font, something that is unique. You don’t want your business name to be in a font you can get from the drop down menu. You want the lettering to have pizazz and its own unique style and flair. It should be simple and easy to be reproduced on business cards, t-shirts, letterhead, and websites etc. It should look good small and when it is enlarged. Your designer can offer you a few options to choose from that should give you some good ideas to choose from.


These are some techniques and considerations to discuss with your logo designer when planning out your logo design for your business. You want to make sure that you take your time and research your logo ideas. You want your logo design to be something you use for years, it should not need to be changed so take your time and get creative!!

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