Things to Consider When Planning Your 3D Logo Design

Things to Consider When Planning Your 3D Logo Design


Planning your logo for your business is a very important decision. Therefore, you want to take your time and talk at length with your logo designer about the vision you have for your logo. One path some businesses take is to have their logo be designed in 3 dimensions. This allows it to be more dynamic visually. A 3d logo design online stands out and it also lends itself well to animation. Having a 3D logo design can give your business an edge in being recognized.  Working with your 3D logo design specialist you can design a logo that fits your business plan just right. Below I will list some considerations to discuss with your logo designer.

If your business works frequently through online venues then a 3D Logo can be a great way to go. If this is the case, you can get really complex and creative with the design of your 3D logo. It also works very well on television as it pops out at potential customers leaving an impression. If you also want to use your logo frequently in paper ads, on t-shirts and flyers then you will want to consider a simpler 3D Logo versus a more complex shaped one. This way it will work well for all mediums, both print, and electronic. These are important things to consider before you work with your logo designer, so that they know what your needs will be.

Once you figure out the image you will have on your logo, you will need to figure out what if any type you will have on it. Most businesses have some type on their logo, indicating the business name.  You will want to consider the type of image you chose before choosing your typography. Did you choose a complex 3D image? If that is the case then you might want something simple that is easy to read and doesn’t add to the complexity of your logo. If you chose a simple image, then you can go more complex with your typography if you desire. Consider that you want your potential customer to be able to read the type easily. They should also be able to get the message about what your company is about from your logo and typography.


Once you settle on the basic image, you will need to consider the color of the image itself and the background as well. Your main image of your logo should be one or two primary colors, but you can get creative with the background colors if you want. When picking your colors you want to make sure that you remember the feelings that different colors can give people and make sure that the colors fit with the image you want your business to have. 

Here is a refresher: 

  • Red = energy, passion, love, power
  • Orange = joy, sunshine, enthusiasm, combines reds energy and yellows happiness, encouragement
  • Yellow = happiness, intellect, joy, cheerfulness, stimulates mental activity, attention getter
  • Green = Growth, harmony, fertility, safety, money, healing power, trust, loyalty
  • Purple = royalty, nobility, luxury, extravagance, wealth, mystery, independence
  • White= light, goodness, innocence, positive connotation, faith
  • Black = associated with power, death, mystery, elegance, strength, authority, can have a negative connotation.


These are a few things that you should consider when discussing your 3D logo with your designer. Having some of these ideas thought out will help you figure out the right path for your logo. Your designer can help steer you in the right direction, but this will give you some things to be prepared to ask about and bring to the discussion.

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