The Art of Calligraphy and Font in a Logo Design

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Recently I was browsing through various posts on using Calligraphy in Logo designs and the various artists who are known to created and recreated logos by hand. I was blown away when I hit upon an article about Seb Lester. He is amazing!  He can recreate famous fonts and logos you have seen by hand with unbelievable precision. It is truly an art the way he works. I highly recommend you checkout one of his videos. He uses various styles of Calligraphy pens and strategies to create some amazing designs that are truly mind blowing. The styles of Calligraphy pens themselves are interesting to watch. It is really quite relaxing to watch his process. After discovering the first video of his work, I knew I had to discover more of his work and learn about this artist so I set off on my search.   He not only creates logos of companies but creates beautiful works of art as you can witness in his video. He just naturally flows through the creation of the letters. He uses interesting methods to create perfect circles and then creates words around them. You watch as four circles become the Adidas logo. The New York Times Logo is quite intricate and requires many detailed parts to the font. For some letters he outlines them then smoothly fills it in to create a solid straight font.  

Seb Lester lives in the United Kingdom. He is an artist and designer. He trained as a Graphic Designer at Central Saint Martins in London. He has created typefaces and type illustrations for many large companies. Some of his clients have been: NASA, Apple, Nike, Intel, and The New York Times to name a few. He also created designs for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and JD Salinger’s final reissue of the Catcher in the Rye.  He has created many types of custom typeface for brands you would certainly be familiar with such as British Airways and H&M.  


Seb Lester describes Calligraphy for him personally as a powerful form of self-expression and ancient magic. I think this is a wonderful way to describe this beautiful writing. It is so graceful and full of art at every turn, he also describes it as music for the art. This type of beautiful lettering truly adds to a logo or is all a logo needs to be because of its power in its own statement. I highly recommend spending some time watching his videos as it quite mesmerizing.  

Having beautiful font as part or all of a logo really can make a statement in a business’s logo design. It can be a very captivating and memorable design if the font is just right. This is reinforced when you see these logos that Seb Lester created for The New York Times and you see the beautiful logos he creates in his videos. They stay with you, which is after all, what you want a logo to do.

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