Artist Transitions: from Beginner to Masterpiece

I always enjoy searching the internet and looking at artists designs and drawings. There are so many amazingly talented people in this world. I am always amazed when I discover an artist's early works and then see their more polished newer pieces. You can see how their years of practices mold their art. Artists have a passion for creating their drawings. When they first begin they don’t have the skills or technique to create what they want. When they practice over and over and learn techniques they improve and eventually you can see the result is quite striking.

I was thrilled when I discovered that Deviant Art has conducted another ‘Draw This Again’ challenge. The re-drawn artwork you see in this challenge is quite amazing. The progress the artists make is amazing. Below I have shown a few of the Draw this Again! Meme’s that stood out for me.

This picture by dosadivh shows amazing growth from the 2005 original to the 2017 revision.  The original looks just like a sketch. The revision has depth and movement within it. The character has feelings within her eyes in the revision. It is an incredible improvement.

This drawing by neko_niki-d takes what was a simple 2 dimensional drawing and creates a much more three dimensional realistic looking drawing. The hair in the 2017 drawing looks like it is moving in the wind. The moon or star in the background glows in a way that you can feel it. The girl in the photo shows her feeling in her eyes in the after photo. 

This Aquatic link drawing by Silicon Jayce shows vast improvements over its three revisions.  In 2011 it is a stiff still picture without a lot of feeling. In the 2014 revision, you begin to see feeling in the eyes of the elf and see a three dimensional environment. In the 2017 the artist takes it to the next level by creating movement in the picture with the elf's hair looking like it is moving in the water along with the plant life in the background.

This Drawing by Dizzlezebra originally created in 2012 is vastly improved in Dizzlezebra’s 2017 version. While the 2012 is nice with the female character having big beautiful eyes, the 2017 version has much more emotion and life to it. The eyes show real feeling and life. The waves of her hair are so real and her lips look like they just had fresh lipstick put on.



This drawing by heathwalsh shows quite a bit of progression from the 2004 version to the 2017. You can see the artist's technique begin to really improve by 2010 when the character begins to look more lifelike and three dimensional. In 2012 the colors and shading add a depth to the picture. In 2017 the artist uses shading and different colors to add life to the character and emotion to his eyes.


In this realistic portrait drawing by Kanimir there is an amazing growth in the 2 years from the first picture to the second. The second takes on a photographic look with such great three dimensional qualities and feelings portrayed in the subjects eyes.

These pictures created by these artists show how the years of practice and learning proper techniques can really improve the end product of the artists.  

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