4 Tricks for Choosing the Right Typeface for you Logo

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Choosing the right typeface for a logo is imperative. The typeface that you decide to use in a logo design can really make or break the whole design. A good logo is simple, memorable and eye-catching. Follow these 4 tips that will help you to better decide on which font to use in your next logo design project. 1. Don't go with your gut You can't choose a font for a logo based solely on the fact that you like it. Choosing the right typeface for a logo design needs to be properly considered. It is not simply liking a font and then, convincing your client to like it too. A logo needs to be memorable.  It needs to resonate with your client's customers. You need to think about the intended audience and your client's brand. Does a particular font accurately reflect the brand image?  Will it appeal to the company's target audience?  What message needs to be conveyed via the logo design? 


2. Reflect on the logos intended use When choosing a typeface for a logo design, consider where that logo will be used? Will it only be used on business cards, stationery and a website? Or, will it also be printed on billboards, on employee t-shirts and/or TV commercials? You need to evaluate how the font will look when it is printed in both small and large sizes. Make sure that the typeface will be legible in the format of its intended use. Remember to be especially careful if you are planning on creating a logo with vertical lettering. 


3.  Pair typefaces wisely Be very careful if you are going to use two typefaces in your logo design (never use more than two fonts in a logo). Finding the perfect matching fonts is very difficult. Not only do the two fonts need to work well together but they also have to match the brand image. If you are going to use two different typefaces, take a few minutes before you get started to decide if you want your two fonts to match or contrast. Look at the structure of your main font and try to find another font that works well with this structure. 


4. Take your logo for a Test Drive The internet is littered with free mockups. Try using some of these free mockups when you are presenting your new logo to your client. In order to truly evaluate the effectiveness of a typeface in a logo, you need to see that logo in use. Test out your logo and typeface using mockups and take all the time you need to look at the typeface(s) carefully. If a logo is going to be used in a billboard advertisement, test it out with mockups. If it is going to be printed on the side of a care, test it out with mockups. Mockups will give you and your client a good chance to see the new logo design in every day spaces. For more information on where you can get free mockups, check out this posts, 14 Free Poster & Billboard Mockups.

Check out how well the typography is balanced in this logo. Click on the photo and you can make this logo yours today!



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