10 Creative Logo Designs with Hidden Symbols

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There are many logos that use hidden symbols in their designs today. These types of logos are very clever and deserve much appreciation especially from within the logo design community. Perhaps the most famous logo that uses a hidden message is the FedEx logoHere are 10 lesser-known creative logos with hidden messages:

Vaio Logo

The Sony VAIO logo is very clever. The ‘VA’ has been artistically drawn out in a way that makes it look like an analogue signal while the ‘IO’ are meant to represent the numbers 1 and 0 of a digital signal. This logo is a huge success because it is unique, eye-catching and smart. We give it two thumbs up!



The old Northwest Airlines logo is brilliant. The ‘W’ is strategically cut so that the ‘W’ also looks like an ‘N’. This alone is amazing but there is also another hidden symbol in the Northwest logo design. Can you see it? The small arrow that is created by this cut is also meant to be a compass arrow thus representing the brands strength of navigation. 


Roxy is the female brand launched by Quicksilver and there are two hidden symbols in their logo design. The first is a heart, which many people love and are aware of. The second hidden symbol is much more clever. Can you guess it? The Roxy logo is actually two rotated Quicksilver logos. Ingenious! 


There are two animals hidden in the Cologne Zoo logo. Do you see both the rhino and the giraffe? This is an awesome use of negative space in a logo design. 


The 'P' in the Pinterest logo comes to a point like a pin. This hidden symbol in the Pinterest logo is perfectly representative of this website as its goal is to act as an online bulletin board for its users.



The Beats headphones logo uses white space to highlight the ‘B’ in their name but what else does this logo look like?  The logo actually looks like a person wearing headphones. This logo is very cunning and crafty. 


Cisco has an original logo with a hidden message. The Cisco logo is meant to represent an electromagnet but can you guess what else? If I told you that Cisco was founded in San Francisco, does that help? The nine blue lines of the Cisco logo are meant to represent Cisco’s roots and the Golden Gate Bridge.


What number do you see hidden in the Baskin Robbins logo? Look at how the pink sections of the ‘B’ and the ‘R’ form the number 31, representing the 31 flavors of ice cream sold at Baskin Robbins stores.


There are three hidden animals in the Pittsburgh Zoo logo. Can you see them all? There is a gorilla and a lion staring at each other and there are two fish in the roots of the tree. This logo is another example of just how much can be said using the white space in a 

Have you seen the hidden message in the Jack in the Box logo? This is a logo that some of you may have seen a thousand times without ever noticing its subtle symbol. Look how the ‘O’ and the ‘X’ are joined together and look like a fish. This is very imaginative and innovative. If you know of any other logos with hidden messages that you would like to add to this list, please add your comments.

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