Top 10 Wordmark Logos of All-Time


Logos are everywhere. Logos are identifying marks that help us to navigate through society. Logos are what distinguish one company from the next and they are vital forms of advertising and marketing for every business.

logo can be a symbol alone, words alone or a combination of the two. In this article, we are going to highlight the Top 10 Wordmark Logos of All-Time. A wordmark logo is a logo that only uses an original font to spell out a company's name. Wordmark logos are particularly hard to create as there is no imagery used in these logo designs. Wordmark logos depend entirely on stylized typefaces and colors that need to accurately and precisely convey the message behind an entire brand. Keeping this in mind, here are the top ten most successful wordmark logos of all-time:

We love the eBay logo. It is a colorful wordmark logo that fun, attractive and exciting. It is truly an original logo design where the overlapping, child-like letters are very welcoming and inviting for customers.

One of the most easily recognizable logos in the world, this logo was modeled after Walt Disney's own personal signature. Playful and fun, this wordmark logo perfectly reflects the friendly nature of their movies and lovable characters.

This is one of the most clever logos ever created. Using negative space, the logo designers of this logo hid an arrow in their design. Often used as an example in design classes around the world, the FedEx logo shows us just how much can be done with a typography alone.

Canon is a company that has been around for decades and its carefully scripted wordmark logo is the most memorable logo in the world of photography. Using sharp edges and corners, this logo accurately depicts the quality and precision of its products.

Based on the Helvetica font, Nestle's logo has the same clean and distinct quality of its coffee. It is a very bold and powerful logo that uses simple lines to distinguish itself and captivate its world audience.

Created by the world famous designer Saul Bass, the Kleenex logo is just about as prolific as the name brand name itself. Warm and attractive, the stylish curves of this logo wordmark clearly stands out amongst its competition.

The CNN logo has been largely unchanged since its initial release in the 1980s. Using three simple letters, the CNN logo has managed to represent a nation and its news worldwide.

Using simple block letters and a slightly stylized 'O', the HBO logo is hard to forget. This logo is simple and attention grabbing. It is a powerful logo with the strength to stand alone.

Visa logo

Redesigned in 2006, the VISA logo is a great example of just how a simple wordmark logo can be. Sophisticated and mature, the VISA wordmark logo is one that we will never forget.

Coca Cola

Last but not least is the world famous Coca-Cola logo. Perhaps the world's most favorite drink and definitely one of the world's most recognizable logo designs. The Coca-Cola wordmark logo has managed to not only capture the attention of the world but also to embody the unique taste and experience sold by the Coca-Cola Corporation.

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