Pearlfisher & Wolfgang Puck – A case study

Pearlfisher is an independent creative brand design business based between the two busiest and commercial cities on the planet; New York and London. They help clients build their brands to become the most desired and loved through their interdependent Futures, Strategy and Design studios. This allows them to focus equal attention on identity, packaging, product, environment and digital design as well as prototyping and realisation.

Due to a constantly broadening and increasingly competitive business landscape Wolfgang Puck had lost some of its brand focus in recent years as it strived to compete on multiple platforms each with varying audiences, environments and cost factors.

By working intimately with Chef Puck and his team, the Strategy studio conceptualised a new brand positioning that partnered his warm personal attributes with the sharp cutting edge of his sophisticated cuisine to establish a new intuitive brand architecture.

Inspiration was sought from the very art at which he practices an designs inspired by sharp knife edges were blended with a visual system showcasing Chef Puck’s forward moving and entrepreneurial spirit within the industry.


For Wolfgang Dining assets the aim was to promote a warm a smart sophisticated dining experience within a warm elegant atmosphere. The design team designed an anagram style logo inspired by Chef Puck’s own signature set in a classy gold foil block print against the ‘stone oven’ type charcoal grey background, and imagery conveying fine dining.


For its catering services light airy cream and white shades were used to match those found in classic wedding receptions and other outdoor summer events. Warmer shades and imagery were also used to associate the theme with the fine cuisine provided by the dining experience.


For its worldwide market a more simple ‘kitchen surface’ like white theme was developed along with and encircled version of the anagram logo for use as a good logo that would act as a mark of quality to the packaged foods. Imagery of freshly prepared foods and vegetables were used to emphasise this quality and Chef Puck’s own portrait used in order to personalise the brand.

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