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Choosing a logo can be very tricky. It is no easy task as your logo is going to be the symbol that represents you, your company and your vision. A logo is also the symbol that your customers will come to know, respect and trust.

Here are 5 simple logo tips that will help to make your new or even your current logo that much better. These are simple logo styles and effects that you can add to logos to make them more original, eye-catching and memorable.

Add color to your logos
Sometimes a one-color logo is all you need but for most businesses, a logo made with a lot of colors is a more appropriate choice. Multicolored logos are fun, attractive, bright and eye-catching. These types of logos are great for print, design, photography and multi-media companies. Rainbow colored logos are also excellent for events and organizations.

Try adding color to your logo Try adding color to your logo
Multicolored Logo-1959 Click on this image to see this logo and to see other great color logos

Gradients make logos pop
Have you already designed your logo but something still seems to be missing? Try adding a gradient to your logo design and you will likely be surprised at how much of a difference it makes. Gradients add a more finished effect to your logo and they will give your logo more depth.

Silverline logo-2683 Gradients make your logo pop
Electric logo-2598 Click on this logo to see it in a larger size

Transparency can add intrigue to your logo
If your logo feels a little flat, try playing with the transparency of different elements in your logo. Changing the transparency gives your logo a layered look with each element becoming clear.

Architectural logo with transparency Adding transparency to your logo can give it that extra touch
Medor Logo-1927 Click on this image to see more

Give your logo a metallic look
Do you want your logo to shine? If you are a luxury brand or a modern stylish company, adding a metallic effect to your logo can really make you stand out from your competition. Metallic logos are eye-catching, classy and impressive. Whether you are a car dealership, a gaming company, a construction business or a tech company, a metallic sheen is likely the perfect finish for your logo.

Pixellogo Logo 3d-851 Click on this photo to see this logo more clearly
Metallic 3d logo-916 Metallic effects make logos amazing

Wow your customers with a 3D logo effect
3d logos are very modern and contemporary. If you want your logo to really stand out from your competition, create a 3d logo that will stun and wow your clients. 3d effects are a great way to make your logos memorable and unique.

Movie logo by Pixellogo 3D logos are awesome
3D logo-836 Click on this image to see this and other awesome 3D logos

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