5 Ways to Personalize a Logo Template

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Do not use a logo template without customizing

Logo templates are designed to look at their best when they are displayed in a catalog, but that does not mean you should use it just as its displayed. No, we are not talking about customizing just the company name. The name change is the most obvious aspect of the design. You still need to personalize it with your taste and knowledge to make it unique to your company. No one knows your company as intimately as you do, so it would help to communicate your characteristics and the right message in your logo. Finding and picking a logo template solves 75% of the puzzle, the other 25% should be time spent on making it unique to you and your companies sensibilities.

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Picking Logo Template Color

This is not the simplest thing to do, but you don't need to panic, with simple few tips, you can be your way. Most business owners have a strong sense of what their company color should be, although there are a lot more color options than just red, blue, green and orange, most designers hear only these options. So where do you find the latest trends in colors or all the variations of blues? How about a quick web search for latest color trends, or drop by at any print shop or copy center and ask for Pantone color chart, see beautiful variations of colors and some of the new colors introduced.


Change Font

Logo templates do come with some font that displays well with the logo, but that's not necessarily the right font for your company. Fonts just like colors come in many flavors, and this should not be taken lightly, your identity can be transformed tremendously by simply finding that right font. If you are working with a designer to help you set up your logo template, ask them for their suggestions after giving them some information about your company, your companies philosophy and what makes it different from the rest. Let them make some smart decisions for you. If you feel comfortable with picking the right font for yourself, here are few free sources for great fonts: Dafont.com, fontsquirrel.com. If you like to buy and see the latest font trends, we recommend www.t26.com or visit www.fonts.com.

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Tweak the design

Almost all Logo templates have a room to change, improve and customize to fit your companies image better. If the logo you purchased is perfect as it is and does not need any change, there are the other steps you can take to further personalize your logo. There is always something can be done to make sure your logo looks unique to your company


Change logo layout

Changing the layout of the text might not seem like a big step, but it's another detail that helps to stand out. In the hands of the right designer, the integration of the logo text, the proportion of the size of the logo to its name can make a big difference. This step cannot be taken lightly, you might have to hire a designer to get a professional solution, but this could play a big part of your corporate identity.



Wanna push your identity harder and look unique and professional, look into having it animated, of course, this step will work for your web, intro videos and email signatures but it will make a big impression. To see some examples of how Pixellogo offer their services, please visit Logo Animation Services.

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