Intro and loop logo Animations, whats the difference?

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The beauty of a logo animation mostly comes from its imaginative story that it tells in a few seconds then all the special effects that squeezed in a few seconds. The special effects might impress us for the first and maybe a second time, but a funny, witty storyline makes us watch it over and over again without getting tired, just like your favorite movie or cartoon. We love to watch it all over again and stay tuned when we see our favorite show. Thankfully original and amusing animations don't stop at your TV or at the beginning of a Movie anymore. Animators are bringing their talent and passion to the web as well and doing interesting and creative work; we see it more and more at different places, like at the beginning of a tutorial video, or as a home page hero introduction and even as a loop logo display. The imaginative ones keep us mesmerized, and we find ourselves staring at a loop logo animation. While what we are generally used to watching intro animations at the beginning of a movie or a TV show, loop logo animation are the next big thing, in the future we will see more when we visit a website and notice an animated logo. Since internet speeds are just getting faster, image or data load times which used to be an issue, it's not anymore. This gives animators not only the opportunity to animate, but the freedom to get artistic and create more exciting work.


What are intro Animations

Intro Animation is the quick clip that we see at the beginning of a movie or a TV Show and lately a lot more on company websites. Intro animation is a quick presentation of the companies logo, identity also the character. Lately, they have become a lot more ubiquitous since video posting on the web have become more common and desktop animations have become easier to produce. Editing and producing quick videos have become extremely easy with faster computers and 3d software with animation capabilities. Almost anyone can do it on their smartphones, and in the hands of a creative person, the possibilities are endless.


This is a great animation from Pixar. With all their capabilities when it comes creating a complex and visually striking intro, they created this wonderful playful animation to define the spirit of their studio.


What is loop Animations

The main difference between an intro and a loop animation is this; loop animations play once while loop animations play over and over again. Another big difference is where and how they are used. Loop animations are mainly used on the web as gif, these animations replace static logos and push corporate identity to another level, we also see them as loaders on video games.


Here is a creative bitcoin logo animation by Sasha Kozlo. This is a wonderful example of how free and artistic logo animation can get. 


This is an example of our work of taking a static logo and finding an interesting way to animate it. This was a custom animation based on an exclusive vector logo from our catalog.


Here are additional examples of Sasha Kozlo

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