Real Life 3D Logos, Cool Artistic Signages that Elevates Brands

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We see 3d logos almost everyday, its hard to miss one unless you love in the mountains and far away from civilization, its almost impossible to miss one, what am I referring to? I'm talking about commercial business signage, the real 3d logos. When they are designed properly and produced with great quality and detail, they enhance the brand and the presence of any business.

Sexy 3D logos - 3D Logo template | Pixellogo

It takes some great designers, knowledge of material capabilities, understanding lighting effects and craftsmanship to produce a truly effective work of art that works as a 3D sign.

We wanted to pay tribute and showcase few examples of real 3D logos that do an amazing job in our daily lives.



This 3D Prada logo in chrome looks so elegant and stylish, the chrome finish with backlights and flat black backgrounds, it looks very luxurious. 

Translucent materials like glass or plexiglass create a unique sensual effect that works for some businesses; it creates depth and engaging effect, it can push an identity to another level elegance.

Great Signs don't always need a neon lighting to look great, case in point the Brace logo. With the use of simple materials, a very creative 3D logo is created. The steel rods that used creating the sign not only looks sleek and strong, it also creates an interesting texture.

The brushed aluminum Ojon 3D logo effect with a wood background creates a very classy expression; you can almost visualize how the rest of the interior building looks like, it sets a very inviting tone.

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