7 New Corporate Brands Redesign and Refreshed

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Companies are regularly adjusting, redesigning and updating their logos to keep their image fresh, some more often than others. While there are many reasons why they need to make those logo design changes, Its never an easy decision, even the smallest logo update usually comes with a high price tag, there is no way around it. A brand that's looking dated and tired can have a negative effect on the bottom line.

Consider all the printed materials that need to be printed again, all the signage that needs to be redone; if its an airline logo, imagine the fleet of airplanes that need to be repainted, all the clothing need to be redone for even just a color change. The cost will easily run into tens of millions of dollars.


The advantages of updating your brand?

- Fresh new look

Colors, shapes, typefaces, line qualities all get old and dated looking. Consumers are much more aware of the latest trends and designs. Naturally, companies do see this and make sure to keep their designs sharp and up to date.

- Fix Functionality Issues

One of the important the reasons to update a brand or a logo is functionality; this could be messaging or technical functionality. A good example of this would be Chobani logo attached below. If you observe their old logo, you notice the logo does not quite relate to Food industry. They have solved this problem but redesigning the type to a softer more friendly font.


The disadvantages of updating logo

- Cost of Changes

This is the most obvious pitfall of updating a new brand identity or a logo design, but that's ever the deciding factor. The inevitable can only be delayed for so long.

- Reintroduction of the new brand

Depending on how extensive the changes are, the challenge would be to introduce the new identity as quickly as possible and make sure the brand recognition continues to grow in a positive trend. This is easier said than done, a lot of time there is a backlash from fans of the brand, case in point the new Formula 1 logo release in 2017.


Here are Seven different Companies with logo changes to different degrees



American Express new Logo

American express logo type and color changes 

On initial impression, it looks like only the blue gradient is removed, and the new blue color is introduced, but on a closer look, few interesting changes to the type can also be seen. We think the new American Express logo looks crisper and type changes are in the right direction.

HSBC New logo design

HSBC Logo Redesign

3 major changes are applied to the HSBC logo, color, Layout and Typeface. We like the new red color and layout but would have liked to see a typeface with a little more character.

Lufthansa New Logo Color and adjustment

New lufthansa logo color

The most obvious change is the tone of blue color, the have made some adjustments to the logo but we doubt most people will notice the changes. 


Santander New logo design

Santander New Logo

We love the new color and the new font used on the Santander logo. The logo to name proportion looks perfect, the overall look and feel of the logo look much tighter.

Realtor New Logo design

Realtors New 3D logo


Century 21 New logo design

Century 21 New Logo

This was one logo that was overdue for a redesign; the old logo looked dated, the design styling, the font, the composition and just about everything on the logo was screaming for change. We applaud dropping the house design from the new logo; it looked like a home with old architecture. We liked new logo its worthy of 21 st century, although we are not sure of the colors.

Chobani New logotype

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