Could a Dry Herb Vaporizer Help You be More Creative?

herb marijuana vaporizer

    I get it. You’re a professional adult in the world of web and or graphic design, and you haven’t indulged in the good ol’ reefer since your college days. Whether that’s because of the law, or just because you got bored of it and didn’t feel a desire to smoke anymore, it doesn’t matter. Now that there’s so much hype around recreational legalization, and most states have long since legalized medicinal consumption, perhaps you’ve been getting curious once more? If yes, it’s probably for reasons along the lines of the creative boost you seem to remember gaining from it back when you were a student, right? If any of this is ringing true, it might please some people to know that there are much healthier and more lowkey alternatives to smoking in this day and age. The best dry herb vaporizers on the market right now would run you about 200-300$, but there are much more affordable options out there too which could suit your minimal needs.

    It’s important to know that marijuana doesn’t possess any magical properties that will breathe new life into any and all creative work you’ve got to do, and maybe it won’t have the same effect as it used to. Still, there is a reason that pot is so heavily linked to various forms of artistry, and Lord knows it has certainly contributed to many timeless classics in the world of music, painting, and filmmaking. If you’re stuck in a dry spell of creativity though, it might not hurt to give it a shot once more! It’s important to start slow, however, because if it’s been years since you’ve smoked, or if you never have before in the first place, the effects can be shocking if you’re unprepared. Thankfully vaporizers are a godsend for working professionals, due to how inconspicuous they are as well as the fact that casual vaping is much less likely to get you stoned out your gourd. And if you’re committed to keeping it all legal it has become extremely easy to attain a medical marijuana prescription from doctors all across Canada for just a few hundred dollars per year.

    If you haven’t heard all that much about vaping, let me explain. It’s a process by which the cannabinoids are raised to temperatures which convert them into, well, water vapor. As you can imagine this is quite a bit better for your lungs, and it is much easier to take it real slow with just a few tiny puffs at a time. The high sets in a bit slower though, so it’s good to start small and give it a solid half hour before hitting the vape again. The smell is astronomically less pungent than cannabis smoke so you won’t be stuck with it lingering on your clothes, and you can experiment with different temperatures which vaporize different ranges of cannabinoids, therefore yielding different mental effects. The best dry herb vaporizer (which means it vaporizes actual bud, rather than concentrates like hash oil), in terms of stealth and ease of use is generally considered to be the Firefly2, but it costs a pretty penny at about 300$ retail. There are great models available for less than 100$ though so if you want to start just by dipping your toes back in the water you could consider something like the Black Widow Herb and Wax vaporizer for only 60$, and see if that does the trick to loosen up those creative gears and cogs.

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