10 Cool crisp logo design challenge

Lately, we have been experimenting designing crisp logos with new fresh new colors with interesting color gradients. These new crisp, bright colors have been trending lately, and we love how it looks. Logo Trends are always changing and keeping up with them and setting new trends is a challenge sometimes. Designers tend to like a style of a design, and like recreating it because they enjoy it, sometimes that's not healthy. Designers need to not only create new designs, but they need to constantly adapt to new lines, new colors and new styles to keep their logos crisp. We are not immune to this issue; we do get stagnant and comfortable too. To shake off this cobweb we set off to break out of our comfort zone and create new crisp logos with an eye to the future trends. Here a list of our new logos that we created.


Audio Technology Logo

With the wave of new voice-activated electronic personal assistants like Apple's Homepod, Amazon's Echo and Google smart assistant we wanted to challenge ourselves with an appropriate logo that suits audio segment of the industry. The shape and colors are designed to exude high tech fresh crisp look.


Organic Leaf Logo

Organic Green leaf logo

With healthy diets and organic foods that have become very popular, logo with green leaves have become redundant too. We wanted to take a fresh new bold approach with bright new greens and clear shapes, the effect is this beautiful logo available for sale in our catalog for $29.


Brush Logos

 Transparent Brush Strokes

We have always enjoyed working with brush strokes, so we decided to give an updated look to a sometimes overused style. We kept the brush strokes simple and colors fresh and the result looks perfect for a design studio or digital publishing company.

Construction Company Logo | Pixellogo

Construction Company Logo

Construction company logos do not need to look hard and industrial and it's not necessary to have bright colors either. There are a lot of complex construction companies that do high-end work and need a little more sophisticated logo design. So we set out to design this simple yet beautiful logo design.


Digital Book Logo

We wanted to bring the book logo into the digital age without losing its original shape. Books are iconic and representing them with a different icon would not do justice to its history, so we designed and colored it in such a way that looks high tech.


Augmented Reality Logo

Augmented reality gaming and software are the next big trend, so we wanted to design and introduce our first new logo. Even though the shape starts with a basic glass box but on a closer look at the color and textures used in the logo makes the logo very high tech looking.




 Augmented Reality logo


Interactive software logo

This logo is based on a popular old version of a logo template-77 that we had designed that needed refreshing and modernizing. This was pure fun; The original logo design had a great foundation to work with so we needed to rethink the same concept with fresh more streamlined lines, we simplified and connected all the lines into one continuous design.


Bridge logo - engineering company | Pixellogo

Bridge Logo

We designed this logo as a conceptual sketch and designed in a way that works as a logo. The black ink lines mimic an engineer napkin sketch, and we brought to life with a watercolor brush stroke to create an exciting look.

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