Benefits of Gif Animated logos

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Benefits of GIF Animated Logos

Every business needs a logo. A well-designed logo is a crucial element of your company’s brand that allows you to achieve brand recognition, increased customer loyalty and the ability to instantly connect your target audience with what you do. The best marketers know that video content should be at the center of a company’s marketing strategy. Standing out from the crowd is becoming more difficult than ever, so companies are always on the look-out for the next best thing.

So, how can you combine the advantages of video with the necessity of a simple yet memorable logo? The answer: animated GIF logos. That’s right! Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits of animated logos and why they are an effective option for companies trying to compete in today’s market.

Fast Brand Recognition

At its core, an effective logo is a mark used as a placeholder for your target audience’s mind. The purpose of a logo is to give your customers an image that they can easily remember and identify you by. We want our customers to see our logo and think of our company and we want it to compel our target audience to want to know more, right? That’s right. Logos are the connection between you and your customers and often times is the first impression we leave. How our logo looks tells a customer a lot about our brand and just like human first-impressions, they can make or break our reputation.

The reason video content is the leading type of media is that it’s more memorable than any other. Video leaves a lasting impression in people’s minds in a way that text, audio and even images can’t compete with. An animated logo is guaranteed to grab attention by bringing your company’s brand to life, essentially interacting with your audience. When you successfully grab your target audience’s attention you increase your brand recognition.

If your logo has some animation, people will be able to instantly tell your company apart from others and they’ll remember it much longer than if it didn’t have any animation. Remembering your logo means a higher chance of remembering who your company is and what you do. Consequently, this means there is now a higher chance of your target consumer going back to your website or platform to learn more or contact you.

Reinforces Your Company’s Identity 

Your logo should reflect what your company is all about. Adding animation to your logo is an easier and more effective way of emotionally connecting with your audience and demonstrating your company’s story and mission. Logo animation effortlessly shows that your company is ahead of your competition and leaves a positive and lasting impression. 

Your mission, unique selling points and marketing copy have all been designed to explain to your audience that you have more advantages and unique features that your competitors don’t. When it comes to your logo, this aim for differentiation shouldn’t rest and with an animated logo, it won’t. 

Separates You From the Competition

What’s the point of having a logo if it just blends in with the others? A logo that doesn’t leave an impression is just as bad as not having a logo at all—and that’s pretty bad. Well-designed animated GIF logos are unique and that’s what your company should aim for. Your target audience probably spends many hours in front of media every day and single person or company behind that media wants to capture their attention. What can your logo do to stand out? An animation will notably reduce the effort your company will have to use in order to do this.

Adds to Your Company’s Story 

Every business should have a story. If you have already published and promoted video content like promotional videos, video ads, or explainer videos, then you understand just how effective video marketing is. Videos are a powerful way to tell your brand’s story. Introducing a moving logo cohesively adds to the overall storyboard your company has created.


We know that marketing expenses can get pretty high. That’s another reason why animating your logo is a fantastic idea! It’s inexpensive especially when you consider the fact that your logo is a one-time investment that your company will keep and grow with for years. Pixellogo has several high-quality animated logo templates for your logo and they come with everything you need to implement your content right away and for that you can use content writing agency.

Sexy 3D logos - 3D Logo template | Pixellogo


Animating your logo is a modern solution for competing in today’s market where your target audience has shifted into a mindset that craves new, exciting and unique. Benefits include rapid brand recognition, bringing your brand to the forefront amongst your competition and furthering your brand’s story in a cohesive and consistent way. 

You can use add your new logo to your intro and outro videos, during your videos in the corner,  on social media and on your website. Regardless of where you place it, one thing is a fact: you will quickly grab attention and leave a lasting impression that sets you apart from your competition. Check out these animated logo templates to get started with your very own animated logo now! 

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