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When it comes to 3D logos, many people believe that basic 3D software is the most important element when it comes to creating an excellent and compelling logo. Though software is helpful, a great looking logo is based more on a creative person or company with years of experience in creating a proper logo first and then transforming it into a professional 3D appearance. To achieve the best look in a 3D logo, it is imperative to turn to the professionals that understand the best way to bring a fresh look to your logo. Pixellogo has over 25 years of experience in logo design as we are a premier 3D logo maker.


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3D Logo Maker

Pixellogo specializes in taking a 2D logo and giving it a wonderful 3D appearance that allows it to stand out in an enigmatic way. If you are looking to take your brand to the next level with a new and advanced look, we are the company to help you do that! Creating a name in 3D is never as simple as it seems. When a logo is created in 3D, there are many details such as shadows, highlights and reflections that must be carefully taken into consideration so that the final artwork is legible and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We use smooth geometric shapes and bold lines as a big part of our design to make your company’s brand name appear just right. With so many years of experience, Pixellogo knows just what is needed to give your logo an amazing look as a professional 3D logo maker.

Professional Templates

If you are unsure where to begin with your logo design, Pixellogo provides many diverse 3D logo templates to start off in your design project. We have hundreds of designs, from the most basic of styles to the more complex, that can be modified to fit your particular needs. Visit to browse the wide selection of 3D logo maker templates and find which design works best for you. This is simply another way that we work with you to create the absolute best logo representation for your brand.


Animated 3D Logos

A great way to have a 3D logo that stands out from the crowd is through logo animation. An animated logo moves seamlessly to give a more modern and technological appearance to a 3D logo design. Logo animation draws the attention of the viewer due to its smooth and clever movements. It takes the skill, technological savvy, and attention to detail of a professional 3D logo maker to be able to create logo animation that flows and moves with ease. Pixellogo has the expertise that can provide just that, a smooth animated logo to proudly display your brand name.

Logo Repair Services

After a while even the freshest logo appears outdated and out of touch. Allow Pixellogo to add a new look to an old concept. We can take your plain or outdated logo and give it a makeover adding color, style and a modern design to keep your company’s image fresh and current for your old and new customers alike. If you are in need of a logo touch-up, contact us and allow us to bring your company’s image boldly into the new age.

A logo is a company’s first impression to prospective customers and a lasting emblem that embodies the reputation of your company. As a 3D logo maker that has over two decades of experience, Pixellogo is a great choice to design and animate your 3D logo. We are passionate about our work and will put all our energy into creating a design that you can display proudly as a representation of your business. Feel free to contact us today so that we can begin consultation on how to create a 3D logo that stands out from the rest!

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