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6 Reasons Why Custom Logo Design is Important

When people think of a brand that has influenced them, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the logo. From golden arches to swooshes, the best logos have the uncanny ability to become ingrained in the very soul of a business as well as those who use the services or buy the products. Logos are more than a branding tool—they are a unique way to broadcast your presence and will into the world.

Here are several reasons why a custom logo design is important:


1. Corporate Identity

A logo is one of the most effective branding tools out there. In order to convey a message in a unique and precise way, you need an individual identity that separates you and your persona from other similar businesses. A professional logo design can appear on everything from your business, including the website, brochures, merchandise, and other collateral. Having the logo everywhere means that people will start to affiliate the logo with your brand, thus initiating growth in brand recognition and loyalty.


2. Recognition

Organizations all around the world are working tirelessly to generate interest in their services and products. As mentioned earlier, recognition comes down to two things: quality and a clear image. The Starbucks logo, for example, is known throughout the world, and no one would associate it with something other than a coffee store. Further, a logo creates brand recall value, meaning that, much like the Starbucks logo or the Apple logo, consumers instantly recognize the business when sighting the logo.

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3. Distinguishes You from Others

A key point to designing a great logo is putting a new twist on something familiar. How many outdoor logos feature pine trees? How many pizza parlor logos have a chef with a mustache? How many lawyer offices use the same font? While certain images definitely create affiliation with different niches, your logo shouldn’t be cliché. A custom logo design is one that will differentiate your business from every other one while sticking to a theme that is tried and true.

Additionally, such a logo design will distance you from your rivals. This is why Coca Cola and Pepsi have two extremely different logos. The same goes for car manufacturers Toyota and Ford.


4. Professionalism

When boosting brand recognition and distinguishing your business from others, you are also increasing the level of professionalism displayed. A high-quality logo that looks good on dozens of mediums is automatically associated with a high-quality service. A clean, smoothly operating website crowned with a gorgeous and unique logo is one of the best certifications of superior service that you can invest in.


5. Loyalty

Have you ever noticed that when a favorite brand of yours decides to change their logo or rebrand you feel slightly betrayed? Consumers generally don’t like redesigns (look at the GAP logo conundrum from 2010), even when it makes sense. The reason being is loyalty. When customers have been repeatedly buying from the same brand for years, they seek out the logo wherever they go. That is why a logo needs to be timeless and sophisticated, no matter how old it becomes. Take the Nike Swoosh, for instance. If Nike suddenly changed the swoosh into something else, millions of people would be perturbed by the alteration—even if it was simple. But this says a lot of the consumer base and how much they love their Nike apparel.

Therefore, if you want loyalty, you need a logo. And not just any logo, but one that encapsulates your corporate identity.


6. Marketing

Hopefully by now you should realize that your logo design is the best business card for your business, because it can be put on everything. A superb logo design will appear on marketing, products, social media, packaging, webpages, and more. Whether the logo is on physical items, pieces of paper, or on your website, it will soon appear in all the places you want it to go. If you’ve garnered enough loyalty and recognition, that logo will soon be connected to everything your brand stands for. Logos easily transition from being just a symbol to becoming mobile billboards that entice potential customers wherever the logo is found.

As you can see, having a custom logo design is a vital piece of your business’ overall success. Without a way to be identified, your corporate identity will get lost in the tides of competition. Pixellogo has 25 years of experience in professional custom logo design for a vast array of industries. Give us an idea, and we’ll create a stunning and memorable logo to become the face of your brand.

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