6 Free Color Resources for Logo, Graphic and Web Designers

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Color is very important in every project. Designers use color to captivate their audience, convey emotions and establish associations. Color is often what attracts users to a design and it is a vital component in every design. Color excites us, stimulates us and draws in our eyes. Color is everywhere and it subtly moves us every day.

Designers are very aware of the power of color. Depending on the project, designers need to consider different palettes and tools. For example, a logo designer may use different color palettes than a web designer. Print designers use CMYK color values while web designers use RBG color values. Here are 10 amazing color resources for designers designed to make your life easier. These fantastic color resources will help you convert color values and create color palettes for both print and web projects. Whether you are creating a new logo or website, these graphic designer resources are invaluable.



This website is the perfect tool to use if you need to find out the hex codes of famous brands and websites from around the world.

Colour Code


This fantastic color picker lets you create, save and download color schemes with ease. Simply move your mouse over the color palettes to get the perfect color scheme for your next project.

Hail Pixel


Create color swatches quickly and easily with only a few clicks.

Hex Color Tool


This very powerful color tool is especially great for web designers. Hex tool helps you to convert your hex colors, rbg colors or cmyk colors to html and css.

Adobe Color CC


Part of Adobe’s creative cloud mobile apps, this app lets you create color schemes with photos from your iPad and iPhone.



This web-based color palette generator allows you to instantly generate and pick from numerous web color palette variations.

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