7 New logos Released by Pixellogo

Photography star

We have just released 7 cool new logos, as always we have tried to out do our previous work, its never that simple or easy, but here are the new designs we have been working on. Its seems that we have been always in the mood to create 3D chrome logos, we cant apologize for this, we love creating 3D logos, Our design dreams do not stay put at 2d, we love putting them in 3D environments and playing around with textures, colors and lighting to come with a unique clean look which works for us.

The Star tech logo was set out be an engineering logo, the shape of the logo reminds you of a bicycle crank and that we have no problem with, we love that shape, the metal look and hard bold lines creates an interesting industrial look, and clean super shiny polished texture work perfectly for the theme. This logo would be suitable to a high-tech engineering or manufacturing company. Its also provided in Flat 2 version in eps, ai, pdf for practical applications.



This dynamic Infinit Media logo is designed for todays new and ever changing media companies, the look and feel is very modern, the colors are very vibrant, electric and overall effect is just very cool. It mimics information in motion, zipping and moving in high speed. This logo would be suitable for media companies.



This Exclusive Proton 3D P logo is designed to project speed in the design, the colors of course are just a suggestion and can be changed to any color the client prefers, but we think the chrome p looks great as it should remain metallic the way it is. This logo would work great for racing team, internet providers and so on, this logo is provided as flat vector eps and pdf formats and it looks great even in black and white, for more details on this logo, please click here.

Hyper X logo is designed to showing meteor in motion, the logo appeals to variety of high paced service providers, technology solutions and internet related businesses. Its offered for only $29 click here to buy.

Focus 3D photography logo is a minimalist look at a camera lens, it showcases lens in zoom and focus motion, the black and white chrome texture works great for a photography studio. We also have a black and white vector version sold separately here, to view and buy the 3D version of this logo, please click here.

Atomic 3D logo was designed to show dynamic motion with the letter A in the design, the logo works great for dynamic high tech companies with emphasis on motion, science and technology. This logo is provided in flat eps, ai, pdf versions with a one or 2 colors. To view more options, please click here.

This very sexy A logo in 3D is designed for high end consulting, fashion, investment group companies. This logo is also provided in flat eps, ai, pdf versions as a one color design. To view more options, please click here.

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