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Formula 1 new Logo

Formula 1 unveils their highly anticipated new logo design after Abu Dhabi Grand prix which was won by Valtteri Bottas, the sleek minimalistic logo feels a bit futuristic and it has a bit of a retro feel, the F is supposed to mimic the race track and it does a great job at that, the one does not read as 1 if you don't know what F1 is, first impression reads as an "I" but we doubt any formula one fan will confuse it as i instead of 1. The logo feels streamlined and a appropriately fast, it looks like its going at 200mph. The red color might be the obvious choice for any racing company, but we think it is a reference to Ferrari racing too. Ferrari is the oldest f1 team and the most loved one too, so its no secret F1 would not be what it is without the passionate fans Ferrari Fans, the tifosi.

Although the logo looks great as a first impression but its not at all perfect, there are some serious issues when its used in smaller space, case in point, please have a look at this official tweet from Formula 1.


View the red logo in its tweet, it looks almost illegible, it just looks like a red dash, the issue is the distance between the lines in the F and the space between F and 1, sadly, the very skinny negative space will create all sorts of issue in the future, they could easily fix it by opening up those lines a bit, of course if you are viewing it on your new phone with retina or ultra HD screen, the issue will not be as pronounced as your home computer non HD monitor.

Here is a quote from a company marketing executive explained the new look to

"It takes inspiration from the low profile shape of the car, two cars crossing a finish line," said Ellie Norman, F1 head of marketing. "It is incredibly bold and simple, so as we apply this in today's market and being mobile and digital led, we have much more flexibility and versatility with this logo."

The decision to switch to a new Formula 1 logo was made because the old design didn't translate well to digital platforms and branding.

"You cannot stitch the old logo chevron to the right," said Sean Bratches, the company's managing director of commercial operations. "A number of brands, particularly in this day and age, are trying to simplify their marks to enter the digital space. Look at Starbucks, or Coca Cola which has taken the condensation off their logo to enter digital. We felt we had to go a little bit further and really retool to position us on a going forward basis."

Here is the New Formula 1 logo Vs the Old Formula 1 logo, what do you think?

old f1 one vs New F1 logo

We'd like to hear your comments and feedback about Formula 1s new logo.

You can download it here.

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