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We often get asked about how to change and customize the color of a 3D logo in Adobe Photoshop and retype the text, We wanted to show more than that, we wanted to show you the potential of these cool 3D logos that not only the colors can be changed, with clever tips and tricks you can also change the property of the texture. like making silver into gold or white plastic or black metal. With our video tutorials we promise to you give powers of Alchemist.


Sexy 3D logos - 3D Logo template | Pixellogo


Since all our 3D photoshop logos come in layers format, you will see, the steps are easier than you think, no need to choose the color with wand tool or any other mundane process of selection. These logos are designed to be played around and have fun with.

In this Tutorial we showcase one logo 3D-1010 but these tips and tricks would work for most of our logos, some better than others. Once you see and understand the basics of how its done, you will be able to replicate the steps and some of your tricks to experiments and create your own unique designs. 

We have also included tutorials on how to change the text, change the layout of a logo to horizontal layout and how to save 3d logo in a transparent png for web.

How to make 3D Chrome to Gold

Here are 5 tricks and tips in customizing 3D logos to different textures, colors and materials, and by changing the look and feel of the texture, you will see how the logo can apeal to different industries. Most people assume 3D logos are limited by the color and texture they are provided in from Pixellogo. We are here to show other possibilities that most people have not thought about. Chrome to Plastic? to gold? to  Black metal? and other cool ideas? yes!

Although all these tricks can be useful when working with our 3D logos, there are no absolute values or one size fits all tricks, you can adjust the values to work with your logo or your taste or your preferred color, these tricks show you whats possible, and show you that one logo does appeal to more industries that are listed and are suggested.

How to make 3D Chrome logo to Black Metal

 How to make a Chrome logo to White Plastic

This is cool tutorial shows how a metallic material or texture can be switched to a plastic in white and color. 

  Chrome to Metallic blue

 How to make a Chrome 3D Logo to Black Metal and Gold

How to Save a logo to Transparent PNG for web

We have also provided a Tutorial on how to change a logo format from vertical to horizontal layout and save it for web as a transparent png.

These 3D logo Tutorials are meant for anyone who has basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop CS and has a copy on their computer. Our 3D logos are provided in Photoshop layer format as shown in our clips.

Here is a free 3D photoshop logo From pixellogo to download and play experiment.

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