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Andreas Preis illustration illustrator

I am always searching the internet for new ideas and creations. Every now and then I discover something wonderful that I must share, The beautiful illustrations by Andreas Preis, a German artist of Zodiac Signs was one of these times. After seeing these illustrations I wanted to learn more about the artist. 

Andreas Preis is an artist, designer and illustrator who works and lives in Berlin, Germany. He had wanted to become a painter since he was 5 years old. He went to Georg-Simon-Ohm University where he studied communications design. He has many talents including illustrations, murals, tape art, paintings, typography, and logo and icon design as well as art direction. He has worked for a variety of well-known brands including Adobe, Adidas, Coke, Coors, Ford, Microsoft, NIKE and VANS. 

When asked what advice he would give to young designers he suggests being patient and staying productive. While you need talent, you do well with putting time and effort into your work. He suggests doing personal work if you don’t have clients yet and trying different techniques, topics and materials. He recommends not letting money influence your decisions; you should do the work you think will bring out your best.

He created the incredible series of beautiful Zodiac signs while he recovered from knee surgery. He first drew the Zodiac signs on paper and then used Photoshop to finish them. These drawings are incredible intricate and eye catching. They all have an amazing balance to them that you can feel. They eyes in the signs seem to look right at you. Below are a few of my favorites from the series. 





I would be remiss not to share some of his other amazing work here as well! In a campaign for the Surface Pro he was part of a group of artists who integrated the device into his daily workflow. His artwork he created was used for posters and Surface pro skins by Microsoft as part of their promotions and contests. They are really eye catching and bold as you can see below. I love the depth and three dimensional appearances of them. The eyes are captivating, they look right through you.

Another amazing project that Andreas worked on was creating unique hand-painted versions of Microsoft's Designer Bluetooth Desktop. They used these for promotions and contests. Andreas designed the keyboard first and did everything by hand with acrylic paint. He sealed it with some varnish afterwards to protect the artwork. It is really impressive. I would love to have one of these keyboards!! Check out some of them below. 

I love the way the way the keyboard becomes the canvas and the texture it creates makes the illustration more interesting.

Below you can see the process as he creates a cougar that looks like it is about to pounce. You can almost feel the movement.


Andreas Preis is quite a talented artist. He has many incredible murals, designs and artwork that definitely worth taking a look at. I enjoyed looking at all of his work. I hope that you do too.


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