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The next version of Apple's iPad will supposedly come with a high-res display with a resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels. An article in DigiTimes says that Apple has already begun to adjust several of its application icons with designs to support the larger resolution. The new resolution would give the new iPad a display with have four times the number of pixels as the current iPad. This means that your iPad wallpaper will be featured brighter and more clearly than ever. We've compiled a series of beautifully designed 3D-looking iPad wallpapers that will show off your new toy's maximum screen resolution potential.

Red Vs. Blue iPad Wallpaper
iPad Wallpaper RedvsBlue

Frozen World

iPad Wallpaper Whirlpool

Cubes and Spheres
iPad Wallpaper Cubes and Spheres

3D Puzzle
ipad wallpaper 3d puzzle

Metal Cubes
iPad Wallpaper Metal Cubes

iPad Wallpaper Firewater

iPad Wallpaper Neurons

Sphere Cube
iPad Wallpaper Sphere Cube

Wave Bricks
iPad Wallpaper Wave Bricks

iPad Wallpaper Mirrors

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