Amazing findings: Re-designing NYC's Metrocards

Design & Style

Melanie Chernock is a graphic designer that came up with a very interesting project for her Communication Design class at the School of Visual Arts. It is based on the re-design of the classical NYC's metrocard, one of the most used things by citizens daily. Her statement is based on how these cards should be properly designed, and why not come up with different versions of it? She took inspiration on some of the iconic neighborhoods of the city and translated them into clever interpretations of them (see the Meatpacking district one!). The cards featuring non-digital elements were made by hand and photographed- an intricate and delicate task that probably required lots of patience! Although she hasn't contacted the Transports Administration, we can only hope that this kind of take on how the little things are design becomes a reality. Beautiful and brilliant work that puts all the different aspects of the city into a small, simple, everyday card.


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