Beautiful Branding: Ritmia

Design & Style

Ritmia is a music-therapy consult ran by Celia Castillo. Her work is based on the effect that music has on her patients, mainly how they affect their mood and treating them from this angle. Catalan agency Atipus was in charge of the branding project and they took as their inspiration the very basis of Castillo's work: music.

The main challenge they encountered was to make an original visual identity based on music but without falling in the classic stereotypes. The basis they worked on relies on the basic shapes of the waves that sounds make, the different shapes that influence the patients moods. The solution they came up with is a combination of these different patterns with colorful but subtle gradients.

As for the logo itself, it really is just typographic work based on a modified Avantgard font. The simplicity and neutrality of the type are specially sober to contrast the richness of the rest of the identity. For the complete set they've created a series of different business cards (maybe each according to a specific musical mood?). The patterns used for the back of the cards and rest of the stationery are complex patterns made out of simple strokes that combined result in intricate geometric forms. The use of gradients might be a bit controversial as it sometimes doesn't give the best results, but in this case it's particularly adequate giving the brand an ethereal feel that matches the mood of music-therapy. Beautiful work indeed!


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