Beautiful findings: Where things come from


Some people are lucky enough to have brilliant grandparents who can tell unbelievable stories and have an immense amount of knowledge of pretty much everything, the kind of wisdom that only age can give you. That's the case of Hardy Seiler, a German graphic designer who has a very particular aesthetic and great work under his arm. This project is part of his bachelor's program and it revolves around the story of things. It's a beautiful video (although just a trailer!) that takes on the subject of all the information that is available right now because of the internet, and what we can take from all of this seemingly endless fountain of info. The concept behind this (hopefully?) series of short videos has to do with how much the transfer of knowledge has changed in the last 3 generations, coming from an analog world to the digital era where everything's at hand's reach. Let's hope more similar videos come out soon!



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